Rapper 6ix9ine and Ronaldo in Uganda for iPhone music video shoot

Rapper 6ix9ine Embarks on Last-Minute Trip to Uganda for Music Video Shoot with Only One Companion

In a surprising announcement, controversial rapper 6ix9ine has jumped on a last-minute trip to Uganda, Africa, to film the music video for his latest song “Wapae,” set for release on April 14th. Despite facing numerous challenges, including the absence of a camera crew, 6ix9ine remains determined to deliver on his promise, even if it means using an iPhone to record the entire project.

Through an Instagram video, 6ix9ine unveiled his impromptu decision to travel to Uganda with only his companion, Ronaldo, by his side. The rapper's determination to complete the project and the obstacles he faces have left fans intrigued and eagerly anticipating the final product.

“Wapae” is an uplifting song that highlights the lives of Ugandan children and showcases 6ix9ine's desire to leverage his fame to raise awareness for the less fortunate. The rapper's hands-on approach and willingness to face adversity set him apart from other artists in the industry, as demonstrated by his previous work on the music video for “Bori.”

6ix9ine – Bori

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In the face of logistical challenges, 6ix9ine and Ronaldo hastily prepared for their trip, leaving their usual camera crew behind. Ronaldo has assumed multiple roles for the project, including security, cameraman assistant, and more, emphasizing the duo's resourcefulness in the face of adversity.

Fans have shown their support for 6ix9ine's philanthropic endeavors, praising him for his commitment to spreading awareness about poverty. However, the lack of a camera crew and professional equipment raises concerns about the quality of the music video. Despite these challenges, 6ix9ine has purchased a mobile stabilizer to ensure the video can be filmed, even if it means using an iPhone.

6ix9ine's decision to undertake this project alone, without any known collaborations or partnerships, signals a new direction in his artistic vision. By focusing on an exotic setting and drawing attention to the plight of those less fortunate, the rapper appears to be reflecting on his own past experiences with poverty and unhappiness.

The video announcement on Instagram displayed 6ix9ine's dedication to the project, as he expressed the urgency of the situation and the need to complete the video by the promised release date. His fans, who have followed his career closely, understand the importance of this project to the rapper and eagerly anticipate its release.

The trip to Uganda also highlights 6ix9ine's growing interest in exploring international music scenes and collaborating with artists from diverse backgrounds. While no specific collaborations have been announced for the “Wapae” project, it remains a possibility for the rapper to work with local Ugandan musicians in the future.

As 6ix9ine and Ronaldo venture into the unfamiliar territory of Uganda, they face potential challenges, such as navigating local customs, regulations, and filming locations. However, the rapper's resourceful attitude and determination to complete the music video bode well for the success of the project.

In an industry where artists often rely on the support of their labels and extensive production teams, 6ix9ine's approach to this project serves as a stark contrast. The rapper's decision to pursue the music video with minimal assistance demonstrates his strong work ethic and determination to overcome obstacles.

Moreover, 6ix9ine's choice to use an iPhone for filming, if necessary, serves as a reminder of the ever-changing landscape of technology and its impact on the entertainment industry. The ability to capture high-quality footage with readily available devices has opened doors for artists like 6ix9ine to create content without relying on traditional production methods.

With their whirl wind adventure to Uganda underway, 6ix9ine and Ronaldo's journey to complete the “Wapae” music video has captivated fans and industry professionals alike. Their determination to overcome obstacles and deliver on the rapper's promise showcases a no-excuses attitude that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

As 6ix9ine continues to push the boundaries of traditional music production, his resourcefulness and innovative approach to creating content serve as inspiration for up-and-coming artists looking to break into the industry. The highly anticipated release of the “Wapae” music video on April 14th is expected to generate significant buzz and further solidify 6ix9ine's position as a unique force in the music world.

While the outcome of this ambitious project remains uncertain, one thing is clear: 6ix9ine's commitment to his craft and willingness to take risks sets him apart from his peers. As fans eagerly await the release of the “Wapae” music video, they can only speculate about the impact of the rapper's unique approach on the final product.

The success of this project could potentially pave the way for more artists to explore unconventional methods of content creation and challenge the status quo of the music industry. By embracing technology and demonstrating a can-do attitude, 6ix9ine is proving that limitations can be overcome with determination and creativity.

6ix9ine – Wapae

In the end, the “Wapae” music video project serves as a testament to 6ix9ine's artistic growth, resilience, and dedication to his fans. Regardless of the challenges faced, the rapper's journey to Uganda and the creation of the music video will undoubtedly be remembered as a groundbreaking moment in his career.

Whether the “Wapae” music video ultimately meets fans' expectations or not, 6ix9ine's unyielding spirit and determination to push boundaries will continue to resonate within the music industry. As the world watches with anticipation, one thing is certain: 6ix9ine's journey to Uganda is only the beginning of what promises to be an exciting new chapter in his career.


What is the meaning of “Wapae”?

“Wapae” is a word that originates from East Africa and is commonly used to express joy and a sense of enjoyment. This word can also be a fantasy word from the slang “wapa” derived from the Spanish word “guapa,” which means someone who is attractive or good-looking.

When was “Wapae” released?

“Wapae” was released on March 31, 2023.

Where was the music video for “Wapae” filmed?

The music video for “Wapae” was filmed in Uganda, Africa.

What is the significance of the music video for “Wapae”?

In the music video, 6ix9ine is seen handing out money to children and joining them for dancing, highlighting his visit to Uganda, Africa.

What is the “WAPAE” song about?

The lyrics of “WAPAE” are largely in Spanish and contain several expressions of admiration for a woman, using phrases that comment on her physical attractiveness.

Has 6ix9ine's music style changed recently?

With the release of “WAPAE,” 6ix9ine has been noted to incorporate more singing into his musical style, which represents a departure from his previous work, which was predominantly rap.

Did Tekashi 6ix9ine challenge Meek Mill to a fight?

Yes, in March 2021, Tekashi 6ix9ine challenged his rival Meek Mill to a one-on-one fight. This happened weeks after the pair were involved in an altercation outside a nightclub.

Does Tekashi 6ix9ine have any new tattoos?

Yes, in February 2021, Tekashi 6ix9ine returned to social media to debut his new inkings. The rapper is now covered head-to-toe in tattoos, including rainbow-coloured designs and ‘69' emblazoned absolutely everywhere.