Alexey Sobolev’s “Breakaway” Blows Away Critics

EDM producer Alexey Sobolev has made waves today by sending his latest song “Breakaway” for review. The online release features a soundclip of the dance track that showcases Sobolev’s unique style, creating a buzz among fans and critics alike.

In an exclusive statement, Sobolev expressed his excitement for the release, saying, “I’m happy and excited to announce the release of “Breakaway,” my latest EDM track! With its powerful beat and high emotional tension, “Breakaway” is sure to get you moving and feeling every beat.” Sobolev’s fans are sure to be pleased with the driving beat, soaring synths, and pulsing bassline featured in the new track.

The Lions Ground Entertainment Group, a respected voice in the industry, had high praise for “Breakaway.” They stated, “As a Dance genre music enthusiast, we were expecting a lot from your song, and we were not disappointed. The instrumentals were killer, and the beats were addictive. We believe that you are the king of EDM as you know how to handle powerful emotions in a song.”

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With nothing but glowing reviews, Sobolev’s “Breakaway” is poised to become an instant hit. As fans eagerly await more music from the talented producer, they can look forward to seeing how he continues to explore and innovate within the EDM genre.

To download “Breakaway,” click here. To stay up-to-date with Alexey Sobolev’s latest releases and news, follow him on Spotify here.

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