Photoshoot of Awaken The Fire duo Julius and Joonatan Oksa

Check Out Awaken The Fire’s Latest Single: A Fusion of Metal and Modern Vibes That You Won’t Want to Miss!

Just three days ago, on October 20, 2023, the band Awaken The Fire dropped their latest single “artificial_intelligence.exe,” a riveting mix of , modern sounds, and '80s hard . Born out of the ambitious minds of Julius Oksa and Joonatan Oksa, both from the band Scars Remind, Awaken The Fire aims to explore fresh musical territories.

The opening of the track sets the stage with a nostalgic modem sound, blending the past with the future in a compelling manner. Complementing this are powerful vocal performances by the Oksa duo, providing a well-balanced mix that hooks the listener. Their melodies display a unique range, sometimes hard, sometimes smooth, but always engaging.

According to the band's , music has been a pivotal part of their lives, and they've been refining their skills to share their creations with the world. With a motto like “Set the world alight, Awaken The Fire,” it's clear they have big plans. Currently, the band enjoys a following of 33 on Spotify, with over 1,200 monthly listeners. Cities like Frankfurt, Helsinki, and London are already tuning in.

If you're looking for an exhilarating new track to add to your playlist, give “artificial_intelligence.exe” a listen. Buy the song here and don't forget to follow Awaken The Fire on social media to keep up with their latest releases.