Blueburst Music Resurgence - Craig and Marty

Blueburst’s Debut Single “Kick My Tires” Revives a Music Career at Age 50

Los Angeles, CA – October 17, 2023 – In a surprising twist of fate, guitarist/vocalist Craig Douglas Miller, known as the mastermind behind Blueburst, is rekindling his music career at the age of 50. The long-awaited debut album, a remarkable journey of redemption and renewal, is set to take the music scene by storm. Released today, on October 20, 2023, “Kick My Tires” is a powerful alt- track that encapsulates Miller's profound musical evolution.

Blueburst's story is nothing short of remarkable. Craig Douglas Miller initially gained recognition in the 90s with his band, The Reach. Despite significant interest from major labels, the band's success never fully materialized. The result? A two-decade-long musical hibernation, marked by untreated depression, writer's block, and a few too many gin & tonics, as Miller himself humorously describes it.

However, Miller's musical journey took an unexpected turn when he connected with guitarist Marty Willson-Piper, renowned for his work with The Church and Noctorum. This serendipitous collaboration provided Miller with a trusted mentor and collaborator, reigniting his creative spark.

Blueburst's debut album features original songs, with contributions from the likes of Marty Willson-Piper, drummer Michael Jerome (Better than Ezra, Richard Thompson), and bassist Ryan Kelly (Dayroom). The resulting music is an homage to the guitar-based alt-rock sound of the 80s, with a timeless quality that alternates between crunching riffs, chiming chords, jangling melodies, and pounding rhythms.

“Kick My Tires,” the first single from Blueburst's upcoming album, is released on March 10, 2023. Fans can anticipate more singles and live performances from Miller since March, with a full LP released.

Blueburst has already made a significant impact on social media, amassing a following of 210 listeners on Spotify. The artist has garnered attention not only in Los Angeles, where it all began, but also in Brooklyn, Atlanta, Piscataway, and Dallas, showcasing the wide-reaching appeal of their music.

To support Blueburst and experience the compelling sound of “Kick My Tires,” you better visit his official website at Furthermore, don't forget to follow Blueburst on social media to stay updated on upcoming releases and live performances. This artist's journey is just beginning, and it's bound to be a wild ride.