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The Spooky Side of Love: Unpacking Carson Ferris’ Halloween Hit ‘Talkin’ to You’

Ever stumble upon a tune that just won't leave your head? You know, the kind that has you humming in the shower, tapping your foot at work, and belting out lyrics in the car? Well, meet , the 13-year-old prodigy who's doing just that with his latest single, “Talkin' to You.”

Picture this: it's Halloween season, and instead of the usual monster mash-ups, Carson serves us a different kind of spook. No, it's not about ghosts or ghouls; it's about the butterflies in your stomach when you're about to spill your feelings to someone special. Scary, right? But oh-so-relatable!

Carson Ferris

Who is Carson Ferris?

At just 13 years old, Carson Ferris has already made a significant impact on the music scene. From his early days strumming an electric guitar to his current - gems, he's a force to be reckoned with.

The Unique Angle of ‘Talkin' to You'

What sets ‘Talkin' to You' apart is its unique blend of Halloween spookiness and the universal fear of rejection. Intrigued? Let's dive deeper.

The Genesis of ‘Talkin' to You'

Cover of his upcoming song Talkin' to You | © Carson Ferris.

The Halloween Connection

Carson initially took on the challenge of writing a Halloween-themed song for the Buzzards and Bees music festival. But instead of going the clichéd route of werewolves and vampires, he chose a different kind of fear.

The Fear of Rejection

The song encapsulates the nerve-wracking experience of confessing feelings to someone you like. It's a fear we've all felt, making the song incredibly relatable.

The Musical Composition

The Role of Producer Mykyl and Mixer Adam Turley

The song's Halloween vibe isn't just in the lyrics. Producer Mykyl and mixer Adam Turley have masterfully incorporated spooky elements into the track. From the lower octave distortion of Carson's voice to the unsettling instrumentation, they've nailed the Halloween feel.

The Spooky Sound Elements

The song features elements reminiscent of horror soundtracks, yet it maintains a danceable beat. It's like a haunted you can dance in!

The Lyrics and Their Meaning

Talkin' to You
Photoshoot for Talkin' to You © Carson Ferris.

The Message Behind the Song

Carson Ferris himself has stated that “Talkin' to You” is about the scariest thing imaginable: confessing your feelings to someone you're into. The song captures this universal emotion in a way that's both poignant and relatable. It's not just a Halloween song; it's a song for anyone who's ever felt the fear of being vulnerable.

Why It Resonates with Listeners

The reason why “Talkin' to You” strikes a chord with so many people is its authenticity. It's not just about the fear of monsters under the bed; it's about the monsters in our heads, the thoughts that hold us back from expressing how we truly feel. And that's something we can all relate to, right?

The Contrast with ‘1999'

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1999 Music video © Carson Ferris / YouTubeDownload this and his entire EP on iTunes now!

Musical Evolution

If you've been following Carson Ferris, you'll know that “Talkin' to You” is a departure from his previous single, “1999,” which was heavily influenced by the boy bands and pop divas of the late '90s. This new track leans more into the rock genre while maintaining its pop sensibilities, showing Carson's versatility as an artist.

Genre Blending

What's fascinating about “Talkin' to You” is its genre-defying nature. It's a pop/rock hybrid that wouldn't feel out of place next to hits by the Jonas Brothers or OneRepublic. This genre blending is part of what makes the song so appealing to a broad audience.

Carson Ferris' Musical Journey

Early Life and Influences

Carson's love for music started at a young age. At just 6 years old, he chose the electric guitar as his instrument of choice. His musical journey has been influenced by bands like Journey and artists like Ed Sheeran and the Jonas Brothers, giving him a rich tapestry of influences to draw from.

The One Voice Children's Choir and Beyond

Before going solo, Carson honed his skills with the acclaimed One Voice Children's Choir. This experience gave him not just technical skills but also the confidence to strike out on his own when the pandemic hit. And boy, has he made the most of it!

The Industry's Take

Talkin' to You
Photoshoot for Talkin' to You © Carson Ferris.

Heathcliff's Review

Heathcliff from couldn't find a single flaw in “Talkin' to You,” praising its originality and production quality. It's clear that industry experts see Carson as a rising star with chart-topping potential.

Chart Potential

With such glowing reviews and a sound that appeals to a broad audience, it's not a stretch to say that “Talkin' to You” has what it takes to climb the charts. Keep an eye on this young artist; he's going places.


Carson Ferris is not just a young artist making waves; he's a musical phenomenon in the making. From his unique take on Halloween themes to his creative musical style, Carson is setting new standards in the music industry. And if “Talkin' to You” is any indication, the future looks incredibly bright for this young star. There you have it! A deep dive into the world of Carson Ferris and his slamming single. Keep your eyes and ears open for this young talent; he's just getting started!


What inspired Carson Ferris to write “Talkin' to You”?

Carson was inspired by the challenge of writing a Halloween-themed song for the Buzzards and Bees music festival. Instead of going the traditional route of monsters and ghosts, he chose to explore the universal fear of rejection, making the song incredibly relatable.

How does “Talkin' to You” differ from Carson's earlier work?

“Talkin' to You” leans more into the rock genre compared to his previous single “1999,” which was heavily influenced by '90s pop. This shows Carson's versatility and growth as an artist.

What elements contribute to the song's Halloween vibe?

The Halloween vibe is achieved through the song's production, including a lower octave distortion of Carson's voice and unsettling instrumentation reminiscent of horror soundtracks.

Who are the key contributors to the production of “Talkin' to You”?

The song was produced by Mykyl and mixed by Adam Turley, with engineering by Maren Gayle at June Audio. The vocal production was done by Jen Marco.

What's next for Carson Ferris?

While specific future projects haven't been announced, given Carson's trajectory and the industry buzz around him, it's safe to say we can expect more innovative and captivating music from this young artist.