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CHASR & AZMI’s Latest Release “ALL THE WAY (Love Me Through the Night)” Sparks a Wave of Emotion

Minneapolis, MN – In a musical landscape where innovation and emotion intertwine, the dynamic duo CHASR & AZMI have released their latest single, “ALL THE WAY (Love Me Through the Night),” on October 6, 2023. This evocative track promises an immersive journey into the whirlwind of youthful passion and raw infatuation.

“ALL THE WAY (Love Me Through the Night)” delves deep into the whirlwind emotions of youthful infatuation. The lyrics are snappy and memorable, offering a poignant portrayal of that unique moment when one realizes the depth of their feelings. It's more than just music; it's a memory, a feeling, an electric charge that encapsulates the essence of first looks, profound connections, and the intensity of infatuation.

Drawing inspiration from shared high school escapades, CHASR & AZMI's unparalleled chemistry shines through in their music. Their collaboration delivers an authentic and heartfelt sonic representation of love and longing.

Venn Music Events, a burgeoning curator of immersive musical experiences, proudly presents “ALL THE WAY (Love Me Through the Night)” as a testament to contemporary music's versatility and innovation. Blending elements of , Early 2000's EDM, and Modern Electro , this track caters to a wide audience, combining timeless appeal with groundbreaking freshness.

A spokesperson from Venn Music Events expressed their enthusiasm for the track, stating, “As a new venture, we're always on the lookout for fresh sounds that resonate deeply. With ‘ALL THE WAY,' CHASR & AZMI have woven a musical tapestry that's both timeless and groundbreaking. We're proud to champion such talent from our platform.”

Based in Minneapolis, MN, Venn Music Events is rapidly emerging as a powerhouse in the music event landscape. Driven by a passion for discovering and promoting fresh talent, Venn aims to create unforgettable musical experiences that resonate with audiences far and wide.

CHASR & AZMIALL THE WAY (Love Me Through the Night)