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Cristiano Coppa Releases Powerful New Single “Chains Of Sadness”

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Cristiano Coppa, an Italian religion teacher, musician, singer, and composer, has unveiled his latest musical offering, a powerful single titled “Chains Of Sadness.” This heartfelt composition aims to transcend mere reflection and provoke a visceral response to the profound tragedy and senselessness of war.

Coppa’s musical journey has seen him traverse various genres and musical projects. He started as a bassist in the metal band Death Riders, where he contributed to the album ‘Through Centuries of Dust.’ In 2016, inspired during the World Youth Day in Krakow, he embarked on a new path, forming the Christian rock band “The Branches” with friends. His focus then shifted towards singing and crafting his songs for a Christian heavy metal project. In 2022, he released his debut EP, “Prayer In The Battlefield,” which set the stage for his latest release.

The single “Chains Of Sadness,” released in September 2023, is a collaborative effort that includes the talents of Eli Lev, an Israeli videomaker who created the lyric video to accompany the song. It’s a work born out of a shared vision to make people not just think but deeply feel the profound tragedy and absurdity of war.

The song’s lyrics speak to the spiraling violence and devastation that we witness daily, arising from a sacrifice made at the altar of power. It underscores the critical message that each time we trade our humanity for the allure of power, we inadvertently ignite the fuse of another catastrophe. “Chains Of Sadness” is a testament to the power of teamwork and collaboration. It includes contributions from several talented individuals, including Sauro Mori, Rita Marchetti, Jennifer Timbang, Francesco Pellegrini, Valerio Gaoni, and Giuseppe Asciolla.

The song is available on various digital platforms, including Spotify and Bandcamp, providing listeners with easy access to its impactful message. The lyric video on YouTube complements the song’s narrative and allows viewers to delve deeper into the visual representation of the song’s theme.

Listeners are encouraged to follow Cristiano Coppa on social media, including Facebook and Instagram, to stay updated on his latest releases and projects.

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