Daniel Levi in a Playful Photoshoot

Daniel Levi’s ‘Honey’: A Sweet Blend of Soul and R’n’B Delights Audiences Worldwide

Daniel Levi's latest musical creation, “Honey,” has recently graced our ears, and it's nothing short of a sweet sensation. Released on October 13, 2023, this Estonian-American artist delivers a melody that transcends boundaries. Blending soul, funk, and R'n'B, Daniel Levi's sound is as dynamic as it is lively.

With 16,836 followers and an impressive 2,406,869 monthly listeners on Spotify, it's clear that Levi's music resonates with audiences worldwide. His popularity reaches far and wide, from Mumbai to Jakarta, drawing in listeners with its infectious charm.

The release of “Honey” comes as a delightful surprise from Daniel Levi's upcoming album, “14/02,” release on October 13th. In this track, Levi explores the irresistible allure of someone as sweet as honey, a sentiment that's impossible to resist.

Furthermore, teaming up with Dutch producer Clifford Goilo introduces an additional element of fascination to this musical buzzing adventure. With the announcement of his performance at ESNS, one of Europe's most influential music industry showcase festivals, and upcoming release concerts in Estonia and Finland, Daniel Levi's star is on the rise.

For those charmed by his musical versatility and undeniable talent, be sure to connect with Daniel Levi on social media and download the sweetest bangerHoney.” It offers an experience that truly embodies the sweetness hinted at in its title.

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