Electronic Music Thrives: Kith & Josh Vorster’s “Devine” Proves Industry’s Growth

Dutch producers The Kith, hailing from Amsterdam, have made a name for themselves in the scene and they're continuing to do so with the release of their latest banger, “Devine.” Featuring Josh Vorster, the track is available on all streaming platforms as of November 25, 2022.

, the producers behind the track, were excited to share their latest creation with the world. “This track is a real club banger, workout track and/or car song,” they said. “It's got that up-tempo deep drop that'll get you moving.”

“Devine” is a stylish and heart-tugging track that features an attractive female vocalist, punchy instrumental accompaniments and a catchy chorus. The intro is amazing, it gets you right away and makes you want to listen more. The female vocalist is perfect for this track, she has an expressive and heartfelt voice that will keep your attention throughout the song.

When the drops fall (which are strong), you'll be guided by a tuneful string of melodies that will keep you interested in what's happening next in the song. The instrumental accompaniments are also balanced, providing just enough energy to keep things interesting throughout the track.

Overall, “Devine” is one of the best songs to come out in 2022. It has everything needed for it to be a hit: great intro, enough contrast, commercial potential and production quality that sounds crystal clear. It's clear that we're dealing with professionals here.

If you're looking for a deep house track to start your weekend off right, “Devine” is the song for you. It's got a hint of funk and a whole lot of soul. You should download “Devine” and follow The Kith.

The Kith & Josh Vorster – Devine

In conclusion, “Devine” is a pleasure to listen to and great for playing in any kind of public setting. We hope that everyone who likes this song will share it with their friends and family so they can also enjoy great music! So don't sleep on this banger and get ready to get lit!