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Escape the Winter Blues with Ness Divine’s ‘Lost Me N’

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Rising hip hop artist Ness Divine has released a new single, “Lost Me N,” that is sure to be a summer anthem. The track, which is the second release from his EP, Sew It Seams Volume 1, is a perfect blend of catchy beats, melodic verses, and vivid lyrics that paint a picture of the summer breeze.

According to Ness Divine, the song speaks about the high hopes that all of one’s hard work and creativity can manifest into the career of one’s dreams. However, it also highlights the idea of getting so caught up in the process that one can lose oneself, which creates new mental challenges to work out in life. The song concludes with a positive message of bouncing back and killing self-doubt, with Seattle emcee BSea providing his expertise and knowledge.

The production quality of “Lost Me N” is vibrant and boasts performances that are booming and bangers throughout. Ness has always been careful about what he puts out into the world, and it’s no surprise that this record is well-crafted from start to finish. His expressive rap flow and deep lyrics make for an incredibly compelling listen.

Ness Divine has become a force in the hip hop scene, giving voice to those who have been left behind by society. With this song, as well as his entire catalog, Ness continues to spread awareness about issues facing our communities today through his artistry.

Ness Divine – Lost Me N

Listen to “Lost Me N” or download it for free and if you like what you hear, be sure to follow Ness Divine. With the release of “Lost Me N,” Ness Divine continues to show that he is a talented artist with a bright future ahead.

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