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Evan Kreutz Merges Harry Styles’ Charm with Rock Energy in Latest Hit

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New York, N.Y., November 17, 2023 – Evan Kreutz, the New Jersey native singer-songwriter known for his eclectic blend of musical styles, has just released a new single titled “Holes (Try Being Me).” Dropped on November 10, this Rock Power Pop Emo track marks a significant point in Kreutz’s career, weaving personal experiences with universally relatable themes.

Evan Kreutz, who began his journey in music performing with his family band at renowned venues, has evolved into an artist with a distinct sound that merges the classic vibe of Harry Styles with the alternative rock edge of The Killers, and the spacious RnB energy of the Weeknd. This latest single is not just another addition to his discography but a deep dive into the artist’s soul.

“Holes (Try Being Me)” delves into a tumultuous period in Kreutz’s life, filled with regret and a longing for purpose. The track serves as a metaphor for the internal and external struggles he faced, symbolized by the poignant line “holes in my sweater.” It’s more than just a song; it’s an invitation to understand the complex emotions that Kreutz experienced.

The song’s emotional depth is matched by its musical craftsmanship. The melody is haunting, yet the vocals are soulful, creating a powerful connection with the listener. This combination is a testament to Kreutz’s ability to blend personal storytelling with a sound that resonates on a broader scale.

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Kreutz’s journey in music is a story of persistence and passion. From his early days on Vine to his experiences working in music studios and stores, he has consistently honed his skills, leading to the creation of music that is both genuine and impactful.

The artist shared his thoughts on this release: “This track delves into a challenging period of my life when I hit rock bottom. ‘Holes,’ serves as a metaphor for the damage I faced, both internally and externally. The phrase ‘Try being me’ is an invitation for listeners to step into my shoes and empathize with the emotional turmoil I endured.”

With 227 followers and 1,167 monthly listeners on Spotify, Evan Kreutz is steadily building a dedicated fanbase. His top cities include Jakarta, Istanbul, New York City, Bandung, and Philadelphia, showcasing his international appeal.

As “Holes (Try Being Me)” makes its mark on the music world, fans and new listeners alike are encouraged to experience the raw emotion and artistry of Evan Kreutz. Follow him on Instagram @evankreutz_, Facebook, and add this moving track to your playlists. “Holes (Try Being Me)” is available on major streaming platforms, including Apple Music.

For more information on Evan Kreutz and his music, visit www.evankreutz.com.

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