“Get ready to dance: Zoko Jordan releases new hit “Ya Me Salí” with exclusive video message

Spain's rising star, Zoko Jordan, has released a new -inspired urban track that is sure to have fans dancing. The song, titled “Ya Me Salí,” was recorded and released on November 18th, 2022 by Jordan's own label, Jordan's Paradise. It is now available on all major platforms.

Jordan explains the meaning behind the song, saying “During the spring I composed the lyrics and I looked for a rhythm to record it in my home studio and send it to the producer JaviLacrema so that he could shape it. If I had to describe it by style, I would say that it navigates between urban and house displacement with a little touch of hyperpop.”

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Critics are already praising the new release, with ZILLION!FM's music curator saying “I love the originality of your vocals and lyrics, as well as the instrumentals and dark atmospheric mood.”

“Ya Me Salí” is a perfect combination of slamming beats and hot production value that is impossible to ignore. Jordan's soulful vocals and relatable lyrics are complemented by the instrumental accompaniments, which add depth without distracting from the main focus of the track.

This track is not only successful commercially, but it also has all of the elements necessary to make an impact on listeners in all genres of music. From urban to house fans who want something hot with a little bit more edge than usual, to lovers who want something new without having to worry about whether or not they'll like it because they know will deliver every time.

Zoko Jordan – Ya Me Salí

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Check out “Ya Me Salí” at download.zillionfm.com/yamesali, and be sure to follow Zoko Jordan's future releases at artist.zillionfm.com/zokojordan.