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J0VANNA’s “Stupid Face” is a catchy and relatable pop hit with strong commercial potential

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J0VANNA, an up-and-coming pop artist, has released a new single titled “Stupid Face”. The song was released on March 31, 2023, and is signed to FUNKY INDIGO LLC record label. The song is a Retro Pop/R&B style and was written by J0VANNA, produced by Terrence Rolle and mastered by Grammy-nominated Dave Kutch. According to J0VANNA, the song is all about being in love and having someone who cares for you and will always catch you if you fall. In this review, we will analyze the music and melody, the key of the song, the musical style, the lyricism, and the overall qualities of the song.

Analyzing the Music and Melody

“Stupid Face” starts with an introduction that establishes the rhythm, tempo, and melody of the song. The melody is tuneful and memorable, with a catchy hook that will stay in listeners’ minds. The verse follows the introduction, and J0VANNA’s expressive vocals really shine here. The vocals are dynamic and heartfelt, conveying the emotion of the lyrics effectively. The pre-chorus heightens the impact of the chorus, with J0VANNA using a different harmony to build upon the familiar chord progression. The chorus is the culmination of the big ideas in the song, and it does not disappoint. The melody is particularly strong here, and J0VANNA’s vocals are powerful and soulful. The bridge is a welcome change of pace in the song, with a guitar solo that gives the listener a break from the repetition of the verse and chorus. The outro, like the introduction, is low-key and signals clearly to the listener that the song is coming to an end.

Analyzing the Key of the Song

The key of the song is perfect for J0VANNA’s vocal range, allowing her to showcase her abilities effectively. The arrangement is also well-balanced, with a variety of instruments used to create a rich and engaging sound. The bass stands out, with the root note providing a solid foundation for the melody and vocals. The drums are also noteworthy, with a rhythmic and driving beat that propels the song forward. The instrumental accompaniments are creative and imaginative, with atmospheric and ethereal sounds used to great effect.

Analyzing the Musical Style

“Stupid Face” is a Retro Pop/R&B style song that showcases J0VANNA’s talent as a pop artist. The song has a catchy and memorable melody that is likely to stick in listeners’ heads, and J0VANNA’s expressive vocals are a highlight. The song is reminiscent of the pop music of the 80s and 90s, with a modern twist. The instrumental accompaniments are well-done, with a rich and engaging sound that complements the vocals and melody nicely. The song is well-produced, with a professional-level recording quality that is a testament to J0VANNA’s attention to detail.

Analyzing the Lyricism

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The lyrics of “Stupid Face” are original and interesting, showing that J0VANNA has a talent for songwriting. The song is all about being in love and having someone who cares for you and will always catch you if you fall. The lyrics are punchy and meaningful, with clever wordplay and deep emotion. J0VANNA sings about being with her significant other and feeling like she can be herself around them, no matter what. The chorus sums up the sentiment of the song perfectly, with the catchy hook of “I don’t care if I look stupid with you, I don’t care if I make a stupid face too” capturing the carefree and loving nature of the relationship. Overall, the lyrics of “Stupid Face” are a strong point of the song and add to its appeal.

Analyzing the Overall Qualities of the Song

“Stupid Face” has a familiar song structure, with an intro, verse, pre-chorus, chorus, bridge, and outro. This makes it easy for the average listener to feel at home with the song and is likely to make it more commercially attractive. The song has strong commercial potential, with its catchy melody and relatable lyrics likely to resonate with listeners. The song is well-performed, with J0VANNA’s vocals and the instrumental accompaniments complementing each other nicely. The production and recording quality of the song are also impressive, with a professional-level sound that meets the standards of the pop music industry.

J0VANNA – Stupid Face

J0VANNA’s “Stupid Face” is a well-crafted pop song with a catchy melody and relatable lyrics. The song showcases J0VANNA’s talent as a pop artist, with her expressive vocals and attention to detail evident throughout the song. The song has a familiar structure and strong commercial potential, making it an attractive prospect for listeners and investors alike. Overall, “Stupid Face” is a great addition to J0VANNA’s discography and is sure to impress both new and existing fans. This track is available on all streaming platforms such as Apple Music.

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