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James The Prophet Releases ‘Mirror’: A Lofi Hip Hop Gem Reinventing Self-Love

In a compelling revelation, France-based English-language rapper James The Prophet has unleashed his latest single, “Mirror,” onto the music scene. This poignant track, released today, Nov 17, 2023, seamlessly blends elements of lofi hip hop and alternative music, promising a melodic journey into the realms of self-love, independence, and unwavering self-belief.

Buoyed by the remarkable and sensational debut album “Unimaginable Storms,” James The Prophet has been making waves with his sensitive, socially conscious stance. “Unimaginable Storms” beautifully synthesizes old-school US rap influences with contemporary sounds, offering a profound listening experience. The artist’s trademark lyrical flow effortlessly transitions between high-energy verses and languorous tracks, with a powerful message addressing critical issues such as racism, prejudice, and the societal challenges of our time.

According to James The Prophet, “Mirror” is a break-up song and an ode to self-appreciation. The instrumental composition takes listeners on a journey, featuring retro-sounding synths, a bouncy bassline, and an irresistibly catchy hook sung by the artist himself. The song’s two visually descriptive and introspective verses set the mood for a confident breakup, inviting listeners to reflect on self-love and independence.

“When was the last time you took some self-appreciation time? James’ new single ‘Mirror’ is an airy and floating break-up song that professes self-love, independence, and having faith in yourself. The instrumental is at the intersection between lofi hip hop and alternative music, with retro-sounding synths, a bouncy bassline, and a catchy hook sung by James. Complemented by two visually descriptive and introspective verses, this track sets the mood for a confident breakup,” said James The Prophet.

With 7,312 followers and 18,566 monthly listeners on Spotify, James The Prophet’s music has been resonating with audiences worldwide. His unique blend of genres and thought-provoking lyrics have garnered him a dedicated following, with 2,723 listeners in Paris, 561 in Lyon, 558 in Brussels, 393 in Marseille, 292 in Montreal, and counting.

To experience the enchanting sounds of “Mirror” and support this talented artist, you can listen to the song on Apple Music. Additionally, make sure to follow James The Prophet on Facebook and stay updated with his latest releases.

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