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Josh Hearmon’s New Single “Angel” Hits BBC Introducing

Josh Hearmon’s new single “Angel” just dropped, and it’s a banger! Released on April 26, 2024, this track has already snagged the ‘Track of the Week’ on BBC Introducing. If you’re vibing with indie pop, this one’s for you.

Angel” dives deep into feelings of doubt and longing. Josh talks about channeling these emotions into the song, making it super relatable. It’s lit AF, trust us. Josh said, “It’s a full-circle moment,” reflecting his journey and growth. This makes the track hit harder, especially when you’re feeling some type of way.

Josh Hearmon says: “Hey, guys. Just wanted to say a massive thanks to the Lions Ground team and the followers as well. Anyone listening to Angel writing? Angel Sharing Angel. I appreciate the love. We’ve got three more tracks to come in the EP over the next few months, so give me a follow on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/joshhearmon/, where you can keep up to date with any announcements and maybe see a bit more content on Angel as well. Must Love!”

BBC Introducing picked up “Angel” as their ‘Track of the Week’ starting May 4th. This isn’t Josh’s first rodeo; his previous jams also got airtime on BBC Radio 1. With this buzz, he’s flexin’ his skills and gaining major clout in the music scene.

Josh is set to drop three more tracks soon, rounding out his EP. He’s keeping it consistent but showing off different vibes, which means more fire tracks are coming. Stay woke for these releases because they’re gonna be sick.

Josh Hearmon playing the guitar in a dimly lit room.
Indie pop artist Josh Hearmon, captured deep in thought with his guitar, reflects the introspective nature of his latest single, “Angel.”

The cover of “Angel” is simple but snatched. It shows Josh deep in thought with his guitar, matching the song’s mood. It’s got that indie pop drip and looks super professional.

Angel” has top-notch production. The mix is clear, and the acoustic vibes are strong. It’s got the right oomph and energy, making it perfect for the indie pop scene. It’s a GOAT-level track for sure.

Josh Hearmon is set to continue making waves with his emotionally charged music and upcoming releases. Keep an eye out for his next tracks and enjoy the depth and authenticity “Angel” brings to the indie pop genre. Press play below and grab a copy on iTunes.

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