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Kody Glish Releases Anthemic Hip-Hop Single “MYHILL” as a Glimpse into Upcoming EP

On September 15, 23, Kody Glish dropped his latest single, “MYHILL,” providing a tantalizing preview of his forthcoming EP. The self-mixed and mastered track, characterized by its anthemic nature, marks a shift in Glish’s musical style, drawing praise from Def Jam A&R executive, Amber McKinney. This dynamic artist recently delivered an impressive performance to a sold-out audience at London’s Courtyard Theatre, further solidifying “MYHILL” as an enthralling anthem, both live and in its recorded form.

“MYHILL” draws inspiration from the textured soundscapes reminiscent of Kanye West’s “Watch the Throne.” With a lyrical delivery that would make even Bizzle proud, Kody Glish amplifies his subcultural and universal message through this track. Against the backdrop of heroic, icy synths and brooding orchestral-rager drums, Glish establishes himself as a formidable rapper.

Born in a German asylum center to Nigerian parents who were escaping civil unrest, Kody Glish’s life has been shaped by experiences of international structural violence. “MYHILL” represents the culmination of years of introspection and artistic evolution. Reflecting on his journey, Glish shares, “In 2020, I embraced the title of a Pirate because my ideology is rooted in breaking down the boundaries of one’s mental and musical journey. I draw inspiration from travel and constant discovery, much like a Pirate navigating the open sea, connecting with people from diverse backgrounds to build a sense of community. My music incorporates accents and vocal styles I’ve encountered through my interactions, making my sound a reflection of my experiences.”

Furthermore, he underscores the relatability of his origin story: “I used to perceive being a foreigner as a limitation to my artistry due to a lack of familiarity with cultural nuances. However, I’ve come to realize that my origin adds a unique layer of relatability to my music.” Through his upcoming EP, Kody Glish aims to share a compelling narrative that resonates with the experiences of migrants in the U.K. and beyond.

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