Lions Ground Entertainment Group Launches Affordable Advertising Packages for Indie Artists

has announced today the launch of an affordable advertising packages for indie artists on their website, The website aims to help independent musicians promote their music to a highly concentrated target audience at competitive prices. Indie artists can easily navigate to the advertisements section on the website and follow the instructions to take advantage of this new opportunity.

Heathcliff Peters, owner and founder of The Lions Ground Entertainment Group, shared the company's vision behind the initiative in a recent statement: “We want to share our traffic exclusively with indie artists. That's why we offer competitive prices because we understand the struggles that independent artists face. The advantage is not just the price, but also the highly concentrated target audience.” This website is designed to help indie artists gain more exposure and grow their fan base, which can be challenging in the highly competitive music industry.

Two Ad Units for Indie Artists

The Lions Ground Entertainment Group (TLEG) is currently offering two advertising units for indie artists, with prices starting as low as $50 per month. The first ad unit features a spacious 300×250-pixel format, while the second ad unit boasts a large 580×400-pixel format (and 250×250 pixels for mobile), which appears within news articles on the website.

These advertising options cater to the varying needs and budgets of indie artists, providing them with an affordable and effective way to promote their music. The large-format ad unit, in particular, is designed to make a significant visual impact within news articles, ensuring that readers take notice of the featured indie artist.

By providing these cost-effective advertising solutions, TLEG aims to empower indie artists and help them reach a wider audience in a highly competitive music industry. Indie musicians interested in utilizing these ad units are encouraged to visit, navigate to the advertisements section, and follow the instructions to get started.

The Lions Ground Entertainment Group's new advertising packages offers indie artists a valuable opportunity to promote their music to a niche audience at attractive prices. As the music industry becomes increasingly competitive, initiatives like these are crucial for independent musicians to gain exposure and build their fan base. Indie artists are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity by visiting and following the instructions to advertise their music.

The advertising program by The Lions Ground Entertainment Group is currently in its beta phase, with only two ad units available at the moment. The platform is being tested and monitored to ensure its effectiveness in meeting the needs of indie artists. Once the beta phase is successfully completed, TLEG plans to transition to a more advanced advertising program, offering a wider variety of ad unit types to cater to the diverse promotional requirements of independent musicians.