Metuenda Band Photoshoot

Metuenda: A Metal Song of Power and Dynamism

Emerging from the vibrant French music scene, Metuenda is a band that has quickly made its mark with its powerful and dynamic tracks. Formed in 2022, the band's unique sound and compelling lyrics have already garnered attention from fans and critics alike.

The Formation of Metuenda

Metuenda was formed by bassist Flo and drummer Antoine, who were later joined by guitarist Jeffrey. Initially conceived as a project, the band's style evolved as they incorporated their diverse influences. The arrival of lead singer Charles solidified the lineup and marked a clear shift towards metal. Despite this evolution, the band has remained committed to incorporating modern sonorities without sacrificing accessibility or melody.

A Rapid Rise to Recognition

In less than a year, Metuenda wrote their first titles and began performing in front of audiences in Amiens and Rouen. Their dynamic music, which features moving choruses as well as jazzy, funky parts and djent-influenced breaks, quickly won over listeners with its variety and originality.

Brain Parasites: A Debut EP

Their debut EP, Brain Parasites, was recorded with Mathieu Trong-ân Bourdon at The Security Records. Released in September 2023, it was accompanied by a music video that further showcased the band's talent.

Metuenda – Metuenda

Metuenda is a promising new metal band that has shown considerable potential in their short time together. Their latest track showcases their strong melody writing skills, raw vocals, punchy lyrics, and powerful instrumental accompaniments. If you're as excited about this song as we are, you can grab a copy of “Metuenda” on iTunes. Additionally, be sure to follow the artist on Instagram to stay updated on their latest releases and behind-the-scenes content. Your support means the world to us and the artist!

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