Oumnia Guigui, featured singer on 'You Boy' by Nghtshft

Nghtshft’s Latest Track “You Boy” Takes Amsterdam by Storm

Amsterdam-based songwriter and producer , along with his talented friends from the Netherlands, has unleashed a musical banger that's heating hearts across the city. His latest track, “You Boy,” featuring the soulful Oumnia Guigui, is part of an upcoming 10-track album set to the music scene later this year.

“You Boy” is a sonic love letter, blending punk and funk influences with an emotional depth that strikes a chord with listeners. Nghtshft's unique sound has been gaining traction globally, and the song is already making waves on streaming platforms.

With 408 followers and over 21,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, Nghtshft's music is resonating with fans worldwide. In the United States, cities like Dallas, Seattle, Los Angeles, New York City, and Tukwila have embraced his sound, with thousands of eager listeners tuning in regularly.

Fans can stay up to date with Nghtshft's journey and upcoming shows in Amsterdam by following him on Spotify and Instagram (@nghtshft.music). The artist has exciting collaborations lined up with artists like Jefferson, Jermaine Fleur, Kelvin Allison, and Kera Fränkel in the pipeline.

As “You Boy” continues to gain momentum, Nghtshft and his friends are set to bring their music to life with live performances in Amsterdam. Keep an eye out for show announcements and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Nghtshft's music.

For those who appreciate a unique blend of punk and funk and crave the pure emotion of Oumnia Guigui's vocals, “You Boy” is a must-listen.

Ready to dance to ‘You Boy' by Nghtshft feat. Oumnia Guigui? Download the soulful track now and let the music captivate your soul!