Canadian Hip-Hop Artist Shubz Impresses The Lions Ground Entertainment Group with New Single ‘Gold Roses’

Hip-hop artist Shubz sent his latest single, “Gold Roses,” to The Lions Ground Entertainment Group (TLEG) on April 8, 2023. This marks the second time the Canadian artist has sent music to the entertainment news publishing platform in promoting indie artists, following his January release of “Deep Ends.

TLEG received Shubz’s latest single via the internet and reviewed it. According to their assessment, the melody of “Gold Roses” is catchy and original, with a strong and melodic sound that creates a memorable impression.

The vocals are distinctive, conveying confidence and conviction. The lyrics are clever and deep, thought-provoking and inspiring, with a punchy and meaningful message that truly stands out. The instrumental accompaniments are imaginative and creative, providing a balanced and compelling sound that engages the listener from start to finish.

In terms of structure, the song has a familiar arrangement of sections that helps the listener feel at home with it.

The commercial potential is clear, with a target audience that would undoubtedly receive it well. Shubz’s performance quality is excellent, showing that he is a talented and experienced artist who truly believes in what he is doing. The production and recording quality is competent and solid, providing a professional approach that is impressive and engaging.

Overall, “Gold Roses” is a fantastic song that showcases Shubz’s skill and creativity as an artist.

Shubz – Gold Roses

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The Lions Ground Entertainment Group’s involvement is to help Shubz get exposure like we do with every other true indie talent. The platform has worked with Shubz in the past, featuring his music on the site after a positive review.

Shubz is known for being an emotional conscience rapper, with a style that delivers thought-provoking and inspiring lyrics. His music is available on all social media and streaming platforms, with a target audience of young listeners who enjoy hip-hop music.

The music industry that Shubz operates in has a lot of hungry competition that requires an original sound to stand out. With his unique sound and ability to capture the audience’s attention with his lyrics, Shubz has the potential to make an impact in the industry.

Shubz’s latest release, “Gold Roses,” has received a positive review from The Lions Ground Entertainment Group, who described it as a fantastic song that showcases Shubz’s skill and creativity as an artist. With the support of TLEG and his past awards, Shubz has the potential to make an impact in the competitive music industry.

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