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Electrify Your Playlist with Slinkee Minx’s Latest Hit, ‘I Can Feel U’

Australian dance-pop icons Slinkee Minx have once again hit the spotlight with their latest release, “I Can Feel U.” This banging track, which premiered on November 17, 2023, marks a significant moment in their illustrious career spanning nearly two decades.

Renowned for their chart-topping hits like “Summer Rain” and “Someday,” Slinkee Minx continues to enthral their global audience. “I Can Feel U,” created in collaboration with legendary producer James Ash of Rogue Traders, showcases a masterful blend of vibrant melodies and dance-floor rhythms, signaling a bold new direction for the duo. This single is part of a series of exciting releases planned for the year, further cementing their status as dance music stalwarts. Fans can enjoy this track and its extended mix available on major music platforms, including Apple Music.

Reflecting on their new release, Slinkee Minx told The Lions Ground Entertainment Group, “Teaming up with legendary producer James Ash, ‘I Can Feel U’ is a vibrant new moment for us, pushing our sound further without compromising our dynamic sense of melody and pop sensibilities.”

As we head into a promising musical future, “I Can Feel U” represents an exciting chapter in the ongoing saga of Slinkee Minx. Don’t miss out on this dance banger, follow Slinkee Minx on Facebook and download “I Can Feel U” today to keep your playlists fresh and energetic.

Photo credits: Robert Knapman Photography

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