SmashHarry’s ‘Flow’: The Mid-Tempo Track Set to Seduce Your Ears This November!

In the realm of mid-tempo melodies stands the promising and talented producer, SmashHarry, set to capture hearts and ears with his latest track “Flow,” due for release on November 30, 2023. With a pulsing beat and a sultry atmosphere that reminds one of Billie Eilish, SmashHarry’s creation promises to be a significant player on the soundtracks of intimate evenings.

SmashHarry, otherwise known as John, jumped on an unconventional journey towards music. It was a voice, perhaps even a divine whisper, that propelled him from a college library right into the depths of melodic creation. Now, he channels that serendipitous push into his work, blending funky grooves and sexy, evocative vocals into soundscapes tailor-made for the groove and the soul.

While “Flow” waits in the wings of anticipation, SmashHarry’s presence on Spotify speaks volumes of his impact. With over 413 followers and 1,361 monthly listeners from corners as far-flung as São Paulo to Madrid, his global audience is tuning in, eagerly awaiting his latest aural enchantment.

Fans and future devotees can secure their slice of “Flow” by heading to to either pre-save or buy this rippling track upon release. But the journey doesn’t end there, get involved by following SmashHarry on social media platforms to stay updated on his proliferating career and his cascade of sounds that continue to defy and define the mid-tempo genre.

Remember to follow SmashHarry on Facebook. Download “Flow” upon release and let its mid-tempo allure set the mood for your evening. Stay in the flow, stay with SmashHarry.