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Starting a music career? Listen to Wallfella’s “No Chords” feat. Flynn Johnson for inspiration

Starting a music career is tough. Wallfella knows this well. He’s from Dublin’s Northside. His new track, “No Chords (feat. Flynn Johnson),” drops on May 24, 2024. It’s a banger that shows the ups and downs of chasing a music dream.

Wallfella’s Story

Wallfella’s journey is lit. He grew up in O’Devaney Gardens. His music reflects his struggles and triumphs. Influenced by Kendrick Lamar and Tyler, The Creator, Wallfella blends R&B and Hip-Hop. His 2019 EP, “Alright?” was his start. Then, his album “The North’s Face” in 2020 put him on the map. Hits like “Devaney Flow” and “4 Door Whip” made him a local hero.

Creating “No Chords”

No Chords” is about self-doubt and growth. Wallfella wrote it during a tough time. He was reevaluating his music career. The song has smooth vocals and a somber vibe. It’s a shift from his usual Hip-Hop to more R&B.

The track talks about Wallfella’s inner battles. It’s like he’s finding his way without a clear path. This message is deep and relatable for anyone starting a music career. Flynn Johnson, his labelmate, adds a fiery verse. His fast pace and raw lyrics enhance the song’s vibe.

Flynn Johnson

From Blanchardstown, Flynn Johnson is a rising star in Irish Hip-Hop. His music captures the raw essence of Dublin life with gritty honesty and deep societal insights. Starting young, Flynn’s early love for literature shaped his storytelling style.

His career took off under producer , leading to their acclaimed 2015 EP, “In The Meantime.” A standout track from ‘s NINETYNINE beat tape became an Irish Hip-Hop classic. Flynn’s adaptability shines through his work with various producers, showcasing his versatility.

Flynn’s debut album, set for late 2024, is described as “a love letter to the estate and a thank-you note for the lessons it taught me.” This album promises to highlight his artistic range further.

In 2023, Flynn joined Golden Éire Records, boosting his career and earning him a spot on Spotify’s ‘Best of Fresh Éire 2023.’ Known for his philosophical rhymes and introspective storytelling, Flynn Johnson is reshaping the narrative of modern-day Ireland.

Wallfella’s Thoughts

Wallfella says, “No Chords has a double meaning. It’s about my doubts and challenges in music. It also reflects past relationship struggles. This song shows how I’m moving forward without a clear plan.”

Flynn Johnson adds, “I wrote my verse from the perspective of an Irish rapper. There’s a stigma, and we often doubt ourselves. This track is for the underachievers and tortured artists.”

Tips for Aspiring Musicians

  1. Hone Your Craft: Keep improving your skills. Practice daily.
  2. Build a Network: Connect with other musicians and industry folks.
  3. Stay Resilient: Don’t give up when things get tough.
  4. Explore Jobs: Look into different music industry jobs. They offer valuable experience.

Wallfella’s journey shows that starting a music career is not easy, but it’s worth it. His story and music inspire us to keep pushing forward, even without a clear path.

The instrumentals are on point – minimalistic and forcing the listener to focus on the spitting

Said Heathcliff to Wallfella.

Reception of “No Chords”

Fans and critics are vibing with “No Chords.” The production is fire, thanks to Stoic Beats. Odhran O’Brien’s mixing is top-notch. This track highlights Wallfella’s growth and solidifies his place in the music industry.

Listen to “No Chords”

Don’t miss out on this slamming track. StreamNo Chords” on all major platforms from May 24, 2024. Follow Wallfella’s journey as he continues to flex in the music scene.👇

Wallfella’s Future

Wallfella’s next EP, “The Coop is Full,” promises more eclectic sounds. Expect a mix of Electronic, R&B, Funk, and Hip-Hop. Stay tuned for more lit tracks from Wallfella.

Connect with Wallfella

Final Thoughts

Starting a music career is a wild ride. Wallfella’sNo Chords” captures this perfectly. His journey from Dublin to the broader music scene is inspiring. This track is a must-listen for anyone dreaming of making it big in music.

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