Submit Music to The Lions Ground Entertainment Group

Kindly remit your music to The Lions Ground Entertainment Group along with a non-refundable screening fee of €3. Before proceeding, please comply with the subsequent prerequisites:

  1. By presenting your composition, you are in accordance with the Music Submission Terms of Service.
  2. The submission must encompass a composition not exceeding 6 months from its creation.
  3. We solely consider musical pieces for evaluation; kindly abstain from forwarding instrumental tracks.
  4. Supply us with high-quality images and a meticulously composed press release pertaining to your musical creation.
  5. If you are unprepared to handle constructive critique, we recommend refraining from submitting your composition.

Our team will meticulously evaluate your creation and offer valuable insights. However, it is imperative to understand that submitting your composition does not guarantee its inclusion. Should your creation meet our stipulations and garner approval, we will meticulously craft a promotional news article featuring your work, accompanied by comprehensive feedback. This article will be strategically shared across our extensive social networks, ensuring optimal exposure. Furthermore, your composition will be integrated into our exclusive Spotify playlist, and we shall commence following your endeavors on prominent social platforms to remain updated with your output.

…coming soon