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Surgenor’s Runeii Unleashes Disco-Infused Single “Trees” to Eager Audiences

Today, UK artist Surgenor’s Runeii introduced his disco-infused funky single “Trees” to the online world. The song, written over 30 years ago, has been finally released on March 3rd, 2023, as a dreamy summer anthem. Surgenor’s Runeii believes the mood and time are perfect for unveiling this delightful tune to the unsuspecting public.

In an exclusive statement, Surgenor’s Runeii said, “Trees is a disco-infused dreamy summer anthem that was written over 30 years ago, but I feel the mood and the time are right to unleash it on an unsuspecting public. The single was released on 3rd March 2023.”

The Lions Ground Entertainment Group praised the song, stating, “The amount of Dallas grooves and soul this song has to offer is amazing. Your ability to blend different styles together is impeccable, and we thoroughly enjoyed the melodies that are both original and remind us of the good old times. The vocal performance is expressive with high doses of feelings that perfectly match the clever and meaningful lyrics. The instrumental accompaniments are balanced and compelling, giving the song a complete and polished sound. Overall, “Trees” has high commercial potential, and we can definitely see it being played on various radio stations and streaming platforms. We were thoroughly impressed with the song and its production, and we must say that we have no dislikes to report.”

“Trees” by Surgenor’s Runeii is expected to make waves on radio stations and streaming platforms alike. With its catchy disco-infused sound, it is bound to capture the hearts of music lovers who long for a touch of nostalgia. As the song continues to gain momentum, fans can look forward to more tunes from Surgenor’s Runeii in the future.

To download “Trees” by Surgenor’s Runeii, click here. To follow Surgenor’s Runeii on Spotify and stay updated on his latest releases, click here.

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