Swiss Duo Bogart. Drops Lofi Beats That Hit Hard!

Bogart., a talented duo hailing from Switzerland, has swiftly made their mark in the vibrant lofi hip-hop and beatmaker scene. These two producers joined forces during an employment program at the local office, and their musical chemistry was undeniable. In just a year, they've risen to prominence with releases on respected labels like O-Nei-Ric Tapes, Vinyl Digital, Pueblo Vista, Kick A Dope Verse!, and the Sofarockers.

One of their standout tracks, “Desire,” has garnered over 260,000 streams on Spotify, demonstrating Bogart.'s ability to defy the stereotypes of elevator music within the lofi hip-hop genre. This remarkable achievement is all the more impressive when you consider that just a year ago, these friends were dreaming of seeing their tracks released in a local pub.

Mark your calendars for November 10, 2023, as Bogart. prepares to make their mark once again with the release of their album, “Reality Check,” under the Vinyl Digital label. This album showcases their dedication to old-school-inspired beats and underscores the importance of passion, love for the culture, and craftsmanship in beatmaking.

Don't miss the chance to support these rising stars. Follow them on social media and immerse yourself in their slamming music. Download their tracks and groove to the irresistible tunes crafted by Bogart. It's a musical journey you won't want to overlook.