"The Real" by The TapeTrip - Hip Hop Music Review

The TapeTrip, Values Journey Over Destination in New Hip Hop Track ‘The Real’

“The Real” by The TapeTrip is a highly impressive Hip Hop song that demonstrates the artist's skills and creativity. Released on April 1, 2023, under the record label ScudoYell, the track is available for purchase on Apple Music.

The track's melody is original, well-shaped, and features a warm, groovy sound that is expertly balanced. The song's bass sound is especially noteworthy, providing a strong foundation for the rest of the track. The instrumental accompaniments are full of warm and rich sounds that complement the vocals perfectly, showcasing the artist's skillful production.

The vocals on “The Real” are equally impressive. The artist has a distinctive and confident delivery that's both expressive and smooth. The rap flow is expertly executed, with plenty of variation to keep the listener engaged throughout the song. The lyrics are original and meaningful, providing a thoughtful and thought-provoking message that's sure to resonate with audiences.

The song's structure is also highly effective. The intro starts slow and low-key, establishing the rhythm, tempo, and melody of the song and introducing the singer's voice. The verse tells a story that develops and advances the song's message. The pre-chorus helps to heighten the impact of the chorus, which serves as the culmination of all the song's big ideas. The chorus is the catchiest part of the song, containing the hook and serving as the climax. The bridge, which happens only once towards the end of the song, stands out both lyrically and musically. The outro signals clearly to the listener that the song is coming to an end, with a slow fade-out.

The commercial potential of “The Real” is also high, thanks to its familiar arrangement of sections and catchy hooks. The artist's consistent delivery and impressive skills suggest that there is a lot of potential for success in the future, both in terms of music and accompanying visuals. This is further supported by the high-quality production, which showcases the artist's skills and attention to detail.

The TapeTrip – The Real

ScudoYell, a production duo, draws inspiration from the MTV era and a love for anything with a beat, even with as few as 16. The TapeTrip, however, is not a debut, and their focus is not on classic biographies, but rather on the importance of music – the image, memory, smell, rhythm, and associated emotions. The duo values the journey of creating music more than the destination, a realization that becomes more significant as one progresses in life.

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With their consistent delivery and impressive skills, there is no doubt that there is a lot of potential for success in their future, both in terms of music and accompanying visuals.

“The Real” by The TapeTrip is an impressive song that showcases the artist's unique talents and creative abilities. With their impressive skills and attention to detail, The TapeTrip is sure to make a name for themselves in the Hip Hop industry. For more info about TapeTrip visit their official website.