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Goldn Thngs Releases Soulful R&B Single “ALL WAS NONE” feat. Tim Moyo with Emotive Melody and Powerful Vocals

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London-based singer-songwriter Goldn Thngs has dropped a compelling addition to the modern R&B scene with the release of “ALL WAS NONE.” Set to hit the airwaves on March 25, 2023, this soulful track offers listeners a heartfelt journey through the complexities of a sudden relationship breakup. With emotive melodies and powerful vocals featuring Tim Moyo showcases a profound understanding of human emotions in this poignant composition.

The heart of “ALL WAS NONE” lies in its ability to resonate with listeners on a deep and personal level. Tim Moyo, a rising star in the music industry, pours his emotions into this composition, taking audiences on a reflective journey through the uncertainties of life’s crossroads. The song’s melodic piano accompaniments provide a rich backdrop to Tim Moyo’s evocative vocals, creating a synergy that captivates from the first note.

As a songwriter and co-producer, Goldn Thngs draws inspiration from a wide range of R&B influences. His deep connection to the ever-evolving UK music scene is evident in the fusion of classic 1970’s soul elements with a contemporary R&B sound. It’s a musical journey that speaks to the artist’s interest in people and their life experiences. In his words, “I’m interested in what is going on in people’s lives, their struggles, and the crossroads they reach.”

Tim Moyo’s dedication to his craft is further demonstrated in the song’s flawless production and recording quality. The track’s seamless structure, marked by a smooth and meaningful intro, invites listeners to immerse themselves fully in the narrative.

The artist’s commitment to authenticity and emotional depth is a testament to his natural talent and dedication to delivering music that connects with audiences on a profound level.

With “ALL WAS NONE,” Goldn Thngs presents a sensitive modern R&B that is both emotionally charged and musically exquisite. This release promises to leave a lasting impact on the genre. Download a copy of this song and follow the artist on Spotify.

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