Tristan Bres' 'Black (feat. Roxane & Kenzo Zurzolo)': A Powerful Electronic Track

Tristan Bres – Black

Tristan Bres' new single, “Black (feat. Roxane & Kenzo Zurzolo)”, released on April 6, 2023, is a powerful electronic track that draws from one's inner strength to go towards the light in times of difficulty. The song's musical arrangement is a long crescendo interspersed with “drops,” effectively illustrating the feeling of vertigo that one can feel in moments of wandering and psychological introspection.

Musically, “Black” showcases a certain attention paid to the “sonic width” that gives the track a very visual feeling. The varied instrumental accompaniments support the melody well, and the strong and soulful vocals of Roxane and Kenzo Zurzolo convey the message of the song effectively. The lyrics themselves are clever and thought-provoking, offering a unique perspective on the theme of resilience.

While the song does not follow a traditional verse, pre-chorus, or bridge structure, the repeated pattern of melody supports the overall message of the song. However, the absence of a traditional structure may make it challenging for some listeners to engage with the song.

Tristan Bres – Black (feat. Roxane & Kenzo Zurzolo)

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“Black (feat. Roxane & Kenzo Zurzolo)” is a strong and varied electronic track with clever lyrics and an interesting structure. Tristan Bres has created a unique piece of music that showcases his musical talent and creativity. With its powerful message and effective use of varied instrumentation and vocals, “Black” is a song that is sure to resonate with many listeners.