Visaka & Vice Vic - Rome (feat. Imeru Tafari) album cover art

Visaka & Vice Vic’s Hip Hop Track ‘Rome’ Takes Listeners on a Groovy Journey

would like to express its gratitude to Visaka & Vice Vic for sending their song, “Rome,” featuring the talented UK vocalist, Imeru Tafari. The group was excited to listen to the track and provide constructive feedback.

Upon listening to the song, the first thing that stands out is the groovy melody. The track has a unique sound that is both fresh and modern. The way the melodies are shaped is impressive, and the beat is catchy, making it easy to get lost in the rhythm.

The vocals are also distinctive and contribute to the song's overall vibe. Imeru Tafari's voice adds a layer of depth to the track, and the collaboration with Visaka & Vice Vic is magical. The lyrics are original, and the message of the song is powerful. The line “ROME WASN'T BUILT IN A DAY” resonates with the listener and delivers a message of perseverance and resilience.

The production of the song is greatly remastered, which enhances the listening experience. The sound quality is excellent, and the different elements of the song are balanced well. The bassline is particularly impressive and adds a depth to the song that makes it stand out.

However, as with any song, there is room for improvement. While the vocals are distinctive, they could have more expression. The group feels that the vocal performance is too much in the safe zone and could be pushed further. More emotion and dynamics could help the vocals stand out even more and add another layer of depth to the song.

Visaka & Vice Vic – Rome (feat. Imeru Tafari)

Overall, “Rome” is a great song with its uniqueness. The song has a distinctive sound and message, which makes it stand out in the genre. The collaboration between Visaka & Vice Vic and Imeru Tafari is magical, and the production of the song is impressive, and if you think the same you can grab a copy on Apple Music. The group recommends that the artists keep producing music and continue to develop their sound.