AI Meets Electropop: HYRLAND’s ‘Spacetime Walk’ Sets a New Standard in Music Innovation

Copenhagen, Nov 17, 2023 – Today marks the eagerly anticipated release of “Spacetime Walk,” the latest single from Joel Hyrland's solo music project, HYRLAND. Known for his comedic prowess as part of the duo “Adam & Noah,” Joel makes a bold foray into the music scene, blending electronic with intriguing AI and robotics themes.

Joel Hyrland, a fixture in Copenhagen's entertainment landscape, surprises fans and critics alike with this innovative departure from comedy. “Spacetime Walk” is not just a song; it's a complex narrative weaving digital elements with human emotion. It explores the symbiotic relationship between humans and technology, touching upon a future where this integration is seamless. The track's lyrics and melody encapsulate the rhythm of AI and the pulse of life, showcasing Joel's artistic evolution. Accompanying this musical exploration is a unique music video presented through a 2D platform arcade runner game, enhancing the song's thematic resonance. This release is a significant step in Joel's career as he transitions from comedy to pioneering music artistry, where melodies, technology, and storytelling converge effortlessly.

In a recent statement, the artist shared his vision for the track: “Introducing ‘SpaceTime Walk' by HYRLAND, an electrifying fusion of electronic pop with an AI and robotics twist. This track offers a unique, genre-blending experience, ideal for playlists and radio airplay.”

As Joel Hyrland continues his journey with “BROS,” his new national comedy venture, “Spacetime Walk” represents a crucial pivot point, marrying his comedic talent with a fresh, technologically infused musical perspective. This track is just the beginning, with more AI-themed songs and visually captivating music videos in the pipeline.

Don't miss out on this groundbreaking track. Follow HYRLAND on social media to stay updated with his latest releases and download “Spacetime Walk” today to experience this unique blend of music and technology. Download Spacetime Walk.

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