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Mont Rouge drops a lit remix of a dance hit!

You’ve gotta check out this lit remix by Mont Rouge … “More Than You Know”! Axwell & Ingrosso’s banger got a fresh spin, and it’s straight fire!

So here’s the scoop…

Axwell & Ingrosso have been rocking the dance music scene for a hot minute. Their tracks? Total vibes. But Mont Rouge? They’re the new bosses on the block, bringing that Afro/Melodic House heat from Geneva.

They teamed up to remix “More Than You Know,” and yo, it’s a whole new level of cool. They kept the feels of the original, right? But they threw in some slick beats that’ll make you wanna move. Trust me, it’s all the hype right now!

The beats are slamming, the rhythms are sick, and that drop? Deadass amazing. It’s got everything — a bit of the old school charm with a new school twist.

And guess what? Fans are totally here for it. They’re all over YouTube and Spotify saying it’s bussin’. The track’s like, everywhere — playlists, streams, you name it.

Thinking about hitting play? Bet! You’re gonna wanna keep this one on repeat. It’s that good. Mont Rouge? More like CEOs of remixes, amirite?

Hit play 🔥

Thinking of downloading a copy of this lit banger? Axwell & Ingrosso made it available for you to download on their site.

Background of “More Than You Know (Mont Rouge Remix)”

Alright, so Axwell & Ingrosso rocked the scene with “More Than You Know,” right? This tune totally became a hit, making waves in the dance music world. Now, enter Mont Rouge, these new cool cats from Geneva. They took this track and sprinkled some magic dust on it.

They wanted to keep the vibe but also, like, give it a new twist. So they mixed in some of their signature Afro/Melodic House beats. It’s like they threw a party for the song and invited a bunch of new beats to come hang out.

The remix? It’s not just any remix. It’s got that extra oomph. It’s got all the feels of the original but feels fresh, too. It’s like when you get a new pair of sneakers that are just like your old favorites but even better because they’re new, you know?

International Dance Music Awards (IDMA) 2018: Axwell Λ Ingrosso won an award for best song (‘More Than You Know’)

The Lyrics

So, “More Than You Know,” originally by Axwell & Ingrosso, really rocked the dance floor, right? This track was all about the highs and lows of emotions, wrapped in some sick beats. It was a banger that had everyone vibing.

Now, Mont Rouge, these cool cats from Geneva, decided to give it a fresh twist. They’re all about that Afro/Melodic House scene, so you bet they brought some of that flavor to the remix. They kept the original’s heart but dialed up the modern vibes.

The lyrics? Still all about those deep feels and big moments. They talk about going all-in for someone, knowing it’s a big deal, and just laying it all out there. It’s about those big “more than you know” kinda emotions.

Musical Elements

First off, they switched up the beats. Instead of just keeping it all electronic, they mixed in some cool Afro House rhythms that give the track a whole new life. It’s like, you can’t help but move when you hear it. The beats are fresh and totally lit, making you feel like you’re at a beach party or something.

They didn’t stop there, though. Mont Rouge also played with the melody, adding in some deeper basslines and quick-hit percussions. This isn’t just your regular club track; it’s something that pulls you in and keeps you there. It’s got that ‘oomph’ that makes you want to keep the party going all night.

And the mood? Oh, it’s all vibes. The remix takes the emotional depth of the original song, which was already pretty dope, and layers on this upbeat, high-energy feel that’s just infectious. They’ve managed to keep the soul of the song while making it something totally new and savage.

Check out their TikTok videos below 👇


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♬ original sound – Mont Rouge (CH)

Significance in the Genre

Alright, let’s dive into why “More Than You Know (Mont Rouge Remix)” is a total game-changer in the dance music scene!

So here’s the deal. When Mont Rouge got their hands on this track, they decided to spice things up. They blended in their unique Afro/Melodic House style which is like, totally the trend right now. Dance music? It’s all about that deep, rhythmic vibe that makes you wanna move, and Mont Rouge nailed it.

They didn’t just remix a song; they transformed it. Added layers of new beats and rhythms that really push the boundaries of traditional dance music. It’s not just about a catchy melody anymore; it’s about creating a mood, an atmosphere that pulls you in.

And the cool part? This remix is like a bridge between the classic electronic vibes of Axwell & Ingrosso and the fresh, vibrant energy of Afro House. It’s what’s hot in the genre right now, blending the old with the new to create something totally lit.


So, Mont Rouge’s remix of “More Than You Know” has been creating some serious buzz. Let’s break it down:

Critics are all about this remix! They’re digging how Mont Rouge has taken the vibrant energy of the original and woven in their unique Afro/Melodic House twist. Music publications have been giving props for the fresh vibe Mont Rouge brought, maintaining the track’s essence while making it slam even harder.

And the fans? They’re totally here for it. Over on YouTube, the comments section is lit. People are saying things like “Excellent Work” and “Great 💓💓💓” It’s clear that the remix not only meets but amps up the expectations for what a dance track can do.

Spotify streams are soaring too. The track’s got traction, showing up on major playlists and racking up plays. It’s not just a hit; it’s a movement. Fans are vibing with the energetic beats that just make you want to dance.

Mont Rouge definitely pushed the envelope with this one, blending their signature style with a dance music classic. They’ve kept the core of what made the original so great, but also made it their own, giving fans something new and fresh to groove to.

So yeah, if you’re into beats that make your heart race and get your feet moving, this remix is a must-listen. Mont Rouge has totally nailed it, and the dance music world is all the better for it.

“More Than You Know” hit the scene with a bang, rocking everyone with its catchy beat and deep feels. Then, Mont Rouge stepped in and spun this classic into something even cooler with their Afro/Melodic House flair, keeping the vibe alive while adding their own fresh twist.

This remix isn’t just another dance track; it’s a bridge between classic hits and modern beats, showing how music can evolve while staying true to its roots. It’s brought new life to the dance floors and stirred up excitement across streaming platforms. By mixing the old with the new, Mont Rouge has set the stage for what’s next in dance music, sparking inspiration for artists and fans alike.

This remix has the potential to shape the future of dance music, proving that great tracks can get a second wind with some creativity and passion. It’s more than just a remix; it’s a celebration of music’s endless possibilities. So, if you’re all about those beats that get your heart racing and feet moving, this track is a must-listen. Keep the party going and let Mont Rouge show you how it’s done!


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