CLOUDxCITY duo in a photo studio with green lights, capturing their vibrant energy and artistic collaboration.

CLOUDxCITY’s “Stalling”: A Captivating Blend of Genres That Leaves You Breathless

Los Angeles “existential ” duo CLOUDxCITY has joined forces with dance music producer Cory Enemy for their latest single, “Stalling.” Released on June 9, 2023, the track presents a mesmerizing fusion of future bass, hip hop, and , infused with pop sensibilities. “Stalling” encapsulates the exhilarating feeling of a mutual crush that has yet to be fulfilled, inviting listeners into a world of hypnotic melodies and relatable lyrics. This collaboration showcases CLOUDxCITY's talent for blending genres and creating captivating sonic experiences that resonate deeply with their audience.

Table of Contents

I. Introduction

We will explore the captivating world of CLOUDxCITY, an “existential hip hop” duo hailing from the vibrant city of Los Angeles.

Their latest offering, “Stalling,” is a mesmerizing track that blends , future bass, hip hop, and R&B into a hypnotic fusion of sound.

As we delve into this musical journey, we'll gain a curator's perspective on the elements that make “Stalling” truly stand out.

So, get ready to immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies and infectious beats of CLOUDxCITY's “Stalling.”

II. Unveiling the Curator's Insights

A beautiful model applying makeup in a scene from the music video for CLOUDxCITY's "Stalling."
Experience the mesmerizing visuals in the music video for “Stalling” by CLOUDxCITY as a beautiful model prepares for an enchanting journey.

When it comes to the world of music, a curator plays a vital role in carefully selecting and reviewing songs. They act as a guiding force, ensuring that only the most exceptional tracks reach the ears of the audience. With that responsibility in mind, let's delve into the insights of our curator and gain a deeper understanding of their perspective on CLOUDxCITY's “Stalling.”

Our curator brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. He believe in the power of honest and constructive feedback, providing valuable insights to help artists grow and refine their craft. It is through this approach that the curator supports the journey of artists like CLOUDxCITY.

In the case of CLOUDxCITY and their track “Stalling,” the curator's appreciation is palpable. He recognize the duo's unique sound, which blends elements of pop, future bass, hip hop, and R&B into a mesmerizing fusion. Moreover, the curator finds resonance in the relatable lyrics, which delve into the realms of love and human experiences.

With his discerning ear, the curator not only appreciates but also celebrates the captivating elements that CLOUDxCITY brings to the table.

III. Behind the Music: Artists' Background and Inspirations

Let's take a closer look at the talented duo behind CLOUDxCITY: Enjel, the singer/songwriter/producer, and TAS, the producer/DJ/songwriter. These two individuals bring their unique skills and backgrounds to the table, creating a musical synergy that sets them apart.

Enjel, originally from Rochester, experienced a transformative journey in the music industry. After exploring various cities and working different music-related jobs, Enjel settled in Los Angeles as a solo artist and a songwriter/producer/vocalist. It was during this time that Enjel's passion for music intensified, leading them on a path of self-discovery and creative expression.

On the other hand, TAS, an LA native, embarked on a diverse creative journey. After briefly exploring the world of cinema and directing, TAS found their true calling as a songwriter/producer. They honed their skills behind the scenes, working with notable artists such as Selena Gomez, Meg Thee Stallion, Zedd, and Eminem. TAS's behind-the-scenes success laid the foundation for their musical evolution.

“Have you ever caught feelings for someone, and known deep down they feel the same way, but one of you is afraid to take that leap of faith?”


The paths of Enjel and TAS converged at Mafia's Santa Monica studio, where a serendipitous encounter sparked a profound connection. The mutual respect and chemistry between them were undeniable, ultimately leading to the birth of CLOUDxCITY. The 2020 pandemic provided them with the perfect opportunity to develop their partnership, allowing their creative energies to blend seamlessly.

“Stalling” was born out of the shared experiences and inspirations of Enjel and TAS. According to the duo, the track encapsulates the exciting feeling of a mutual crush that has yet to be fulfilled. It explores the dynamics of catching feelings for someone while being aware that both parties feel the same way, yet hesitation prevents the leap of faith. This relatable theme serves as a driving force behind the creation of “Stalling” and adds an extra layer of depth to the song.

IV. Exploring the Enchanting Soundscape of “Stalling”

Prepare to immerse yourself in the enchanting soundscape of CLOUDxCITY's “Stalling.” This mesmerizing track seamlessly fuses pop sensibilities with elements of future bass, hip hop, and R&B, creating a captivating musical journey.

From the moment the music starts, you'll be drawn into the hypnotic sound of “Stalling.” The carefully crafted blend of melodies, beats, and atmospheric textures creates an otherworldly experience that transports listeners to a realm of sonic delight. It's a testament to CLOUDxCITY's skillful production and their ability to craft a unique sonic identity.

What sets “Stalling” apart is its flirtatious and relatable vibe. The song captures the essence of that thrilling feeling when two people share a mutual crush, yet are hesitant to take the leap of faith. The lyrics resonate with listeners, evoking emotions and memories of those exhilarating moments of romantic tension. Combined with the infectious rhythm and catchy hooks, “Stalling” has an undeniable magnetism that keeps you coming back for more.

Whether you're a fan of pop, future bass, hip hop, or R&B, CLOUDxCITY's “Stalling” has something special to offer. Its ability to seamlessly blend genres and create a unique musical landscape is a testament to the duo's artistry and their commitment to pushing boundaries.

V. Technical Review: Unveiling the Curator's Feedback

Cartoon-style cover of "Stalling" by CLOUDxCITY, featuring Enjel and TAS.
The vibrant cartoon-style cover art for CLOUDxCITY's single “Stalling” showcases the dynamic duo, Enjel and TAS, in a playful and captivating manner.

Now it's time to dive into the curator's evaluation of CLOUDxCITY's “Stalling.” Let's explore their feedback and discover what makes this track shine.

First and foremost, the production quality of “Stalling” is exceptional. The remastering is crystal clear, allowing each element to shine and create a captivating sonic experience. The meticulous attention to detail in the production showcases the duo's dedication to delivering a top-notch sound.

The heartfelt vocals in “Stalling” truly tug at the heartstrings. The artist's delivery is genuine and emotionally resonant, perfectly capturing the sweet and love-filled mood of the song. The vocals effortlessly convey the depth of the lyrics and bring them to life, creating a powerful connection with the listeners.

One cannot overlook the catchy melody that takes hold from the very first listen. The infectious hooks and melodies effortlessly draw you in, making it impossible to resist tapping your foot or singing along. It's a testament to CLOUDxCITY's prowess and their ability to create melodies that stay with you long after the song ends.

“The lyrics of “Stalling” by CLOUDxCITY explore the narrator's frustration and longing for someone who plays games and hesitates to fully commit to a relationship,”

said Heathcliff, the curator from

Moreover, the lyrics in “Stalling” strike a chord with their relatability. They explore the exhilarating feeling of a mutual crush that has yet to be fulfilled. This theme resonates with listeners, evoking memories and emotions that many can identify with. It's a testament to the duo's ability to craft lyrics that touch the heart and create a connection.

The Review describes “Stalling” as a “hypnotic fusion of fresh pop sound with future bass elements,” praising its captivating nature and highlighting its standout qualities. The curator's feedback aligns with the positive assessment, emphasizing the exceptional production quality, heartfelt vocals, catchy melody, and relatable lyrics that make this track a true gem.

With these exceptional elements in mind, it's evident that CLOUDxCITY's “Stalling” has all the ingredients for a captivating musical experience.

VII. CLOUDxCITY – Stalling (feat. Cory Enemy) Lyrics

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“Experience the hypnotic fusion of CLOUDxCITY's ‘Stalling' – Download now on iTunes!

The lyrics of “Stalling” by CLOUDxCITY revolve around a complicated and uncertain romantic relationship. The song expresses the narrator's intense desire for someone who seems to be playing games and making it difficult to pursue a deeper connection. Despite being fooled in the past, the narrator keeps returning to this person, hoping for a change. The lyrics convey a mix of frustration, longing, and confusion as the narrator questions the other person's intentions and struggles with the slow progress of their relationship. It explores themes of uncertainty, fear of vulnerability, and the desire for clarity and genuine connection.

Verse 1:
You, game of thrones you Cersei
I, I want you in the worst way
Ooh, you make it so hard bae
Ooh, don't know who you think you are bae

Fool me once, yeah fool me twice
But I keep coming back to you every time
Baby, you ain't playin' nice
Thought you were my type not the killer type, yeah

Baby, where you at, 'cause I wanna know
I know you can hear me calling
You say it's too fast, we should take it slow
I don't know why you keep stalling

Verse 2:
Our chemistry is mad every time we're close
I know you're afraid of falling
If we don't take a chance then we'll never know
I don't know why you keep stalling

Baby, where you at, 'cause I wanna know
I know you can hear me calling
You say it's too fast, we should take it slow
I don't know why you keep stalling

Your body is the truth, no lie
I wish that you'd make up your mind
Gave you 13 reasons why
I called your name a thousand times

Verse 3:
I can see right through your disguise
You only text me late at night
First you get me way too high
I don't ever wanna take a nosedive

Baby, where you at, 'cause I wanna know
I know you can hear me calling
You say it's too fast, we should take it slow
I don't know why you keep stalling

VIII. Conclusion: Embrace the Pop Fusion and Connect with CLOUDxCITY

In conclusion, CLOUDxCITY's “Stalling” invites us to embrace its unique pop fusion, blending future bass, hip hop, and R&B into a captivating musical experience. With exceptional production quality, heartfelt vocals, a catchy melody, and relatable lyrics, this track has all the elements to leave a lasting impression.

We encourage you to dive deeper into the world of CLOUDxCITY and explore their captivating music. Follow them on social media platforms to stay updated on their artistic journey and upcoming releases. By connecting with CLOUDxCITY, you'll gain access to their enchanting soundscape and be part of their vibrant community.

As we reflect on the impact of “Stalling,” we recognize the profound influence it has on listeners. Its hypnotic sound, flirtatious vibe, and relatable lyrics resonate deeply, creating a connection that transcends boundaries. CLOUDxCITY's artistic journey continues to evolve, and “Stalling” serves as a significant milestone in their pursuit of musical excellence.

So, embrace the pop fusion, connect with CLOUDxCITY, and allow their music to captivate your senses. Get lost in the enchanting melodies, let the heartfelt vocals touch your soul, and experience the magic of “Stalling” for yourself. Cheers to CLOUDxCITY's artistry, and here's to the impactful journey that “Stalling” will undoubtedly take you on.