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Common Occupation’s New Ethereal Breakbeat: “Fondor” and “Society” EP Out Now

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British producer Sam McNally, known by the stage name Common Occupation, has unveiled an ethereal breakbeat track that’s set to amazed electronic music enthusiasts. Titled “Fondor,” this slamming single, along with the dancefloor-focused “Society,” forms his latest release under the Dutch label Manual Deep. The double A-sided single, released on September 1, 2023, showcases Common Occupation’s talent for weaving dreamy vocal shots, vintage piano loops, and blissful melodies into his music, creating a sonic experience that’s both emotive and irresistible.

“Fondor” stands out as an ethereal breakbeat track, featuring dreamy vocal shots, vintage piano loops, and captivating melodies. On the flip side, “Society” takes a more dancefloor-focused approach, offering a catchy rhythmic groove with a lo-fi undertone.

Common Occupation, who splits his time between London and Ibiza, draws inspiration from the emotive sounds of the ’90s and noughties electronic music. This latest release showcases his ability to craft music that resonates deeply with listeners.

Released on September 1, 2023, “Fondor / Society” is poised to leave a significant mark on the electronic music landscape.

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Common Occupation’s previous and future releases on labels such as Manual Music, Rewind Ltd / Sengiley Wax, Concrete Kïn, Groove 9, and Cloud of Silence continue to garner attention in the industry. His dynamic sonic palette and dedication to creating emotive music have solidified his place as a prominent artist in the electronic music scene.

With 103 followers on Spotify and 635 monthly listeners, Common Occupation’s music has a global reach. The top listener locations include London, Berlin, Medellín, Amsterdam, and Sydney, indicating a diverse and engaged fan base.

Tune in and let the music of Common Occupation take you on a musical adventure.

Download the EP ‘Fondor / Society’ now!

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