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Hot New Hip-Hop Jam in Houston! Listen Now!

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Houston, Texas – Houston’s dynamic music scene has given birth to another bass-heavy sensation with the release of “Don’t Worry,” a powerful hip-hop single by FBL_QUARTEZ, featuring collaborations with T-Rell and raR3.

FBL_QUARTEZ, whose real name is David Quartez Gatlin, hails from Houston, Texas, and is a rising star in the city’s vibrant music landscape. Known for his signature blend of bass-heavy hip-hop, FBL_QUARTEZ brings a unique mix of authenticity and energy to his music.

T-Rell, a renowned Kansas-based rapper with a storied history of collaborations with hip-hop heavyweights, adds his signature style to “Don’t Worry.” The track also features BMG TORY and KYLEIO G from raR3, contributing to a collaborative powerhouse.

“Don’t Worry” is a slamming hip-hop single that fuses deep basslines, addictive melodies, and authentic lyrics. The song reflects the realities of urban life in Houston and showcases the diverse talents that define the city’s thriving hip-hop scene.

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The single was released on December 8, 2023, and listeners can enjoy “Don’t Worry” on Spotify. The song is available for download on Apple Music.

The release of “Don’t Worry” marks a significant addition to Houston’s bass-heavy hip-hop repertoire. FBL_QUARTEZ’s signature sound, combined with the talents of T-Rell, BMG TORY, and KYLEIO G, creates a sonic experience that transcends traditional genre boundaries. The collaboration showcases the power and energy of Houston’s hip-hop scene, challenging conventions and pushing the boundaries of urban music.

FBL_QUARTEZ, who is currently signed with Southern Swagg Media Group, continues to amplify his impact and reach a global audience. The song’s themes of resilience, ambition, and daily struggles resonate with listeners, providing a glimpse into the soul of Houston’s streets.

“Don’t Worry” by FBL_QUARTEZ is more than just a song; it’s a symbol of Houston’s vibrant music culture and the unity of the artists. As it gains recognition, it becomes a must-listen in the world of bass-heavy hip-hop.

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