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Posh Tour 2024 Starts: Juli Chan in Europe

Juli Chan launches “The Posh Tour” on June 17, 2024, in Lublin, Poland, showcasing her latest musical creations in a series of bi-weekly concerts across Europe.

The Posh Tour

“The Posh Tour,” initiated by pop artist Juli Chan, begins in Lublin and is set to travel through major European cities such as Warsaw, Gdańsk, Berlin, Amsterdam, London, and Copenhagen. Unlike traditional tours, this series features a unique format where new songs from Juli’s upcoming live album are premiered bi-weekly, culminating in a grand finale concert on June 21.

Venue Information

The tour’s intimate setting in musical theatres, which accommodate 500-700 attendees, allows for a more personal experience between Juli and her audience. Each location was carefully selected to enhance the acoustic and aesthetic elements of the performances. Ticket options vary from standard entries to VIP experiences, providing various levels of engagement for attendees.

About Juli Chan

Juli Chan, known for her vibrant performances and dynamic vocal abilities, has captured a significant following through her participations in music festivals and TV shows such as “Junior Eurovision” and “The Voice Kids.” Her style, often compared to global pop icons, has a unique flair that resonates with a diverse fan base.

Audience Engagement and Merchandise

Fan engagement is a key component of “The Posh Tour.” Juli actively interacts with her audience through social media and her official website, where fans can access tour updates, exclusive content, and merchandise. Items like themed T-shirts, mugs, and more are available, each embodying the spirit of the tour.


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