Kamensky’s ‘I Need You’ EP takes the Deep House scene by storm – Listen now!

Get ready to dive deep into the world of Russian producer Kamensky's latest release, the highly-anticipated EP ‘I Need You'. Set for release on December 30, 2022 via Anbito records, this EP is a must-listen for fans of the genre and is sure to have listeners dancing to its intricate beats and catchy melodies.

Featuring slamming remixes by Sean Sago, Elegant Ape, Hiss Band, and Omur Aykan, ‘I Need You' has been met with widespread praise from fans and critics alike. 's unique blend of deep elements, paired with his distinctive, rich, warm, expressive, and appealing male vocals, make this release a standout in the deep house scene.

Record label Anbito has expressed its excitement for the EP, stating that “The new release from our resident Kamensky…will hear us in 2023, where new amazing tracks from our label are waiting for you.” This promise of new music in the coming year only adds to the anticipation surrounding Kamensky's latest release.

The instrumental accompaniments on ‘I Need You' are atmospheric and add an extra layer of depth to the tracks. It's clear that Kamensky is a competent and skillful artist, and this EP showcases his talent perfectly. The music structure on ‘I Need You' is well thought-out, with enough contrast to keep things interesting and an attention-grabbing intro that is simple and effective. When the drop falls, the game really begins thanks to the deep tunes and beautifully orchestrated melodies.

In terms of commercial potential, ‘I Need You' is sure to be a hit. The production quality on this EP is crystal clear, and the remastering has really brought out the best in these tracks. Performance-wise, Kamensky delivers a strong showing on ‘I Need You', making this EP a must-listen for deep house fans.

Overall, Kamensky's ‘I Need You' is a slamming, hot release that slams and is lit from start to finish. The tracks on this EP are sure to get the party booming, and ‘I Need You' is definitely a banger. If you're a fan of deep house music, you'll want to download/stream this EP and follow Kamensky on the artist page to stay up-to-date on future releases.

Kamensky – I Need You – EP

In conclusion, Kamensky's ‘I Need You' EP has received widespread praise and has solidified the producer's place as a leader in the deep house scene. With Anbito's promise of more music on the horizon, it is clear that Kamensky's success is far from over. So, don't miss out on this must-listen release, and join the adventure of Kamensky's ‘I Need You' EP.