TAKEOFFANDFLY performing on stage

Martin Miller & TAKEOFFANDFLY Release Energetic New Track ‘Are You Down’

In a recent musical collaboration, Hungarian producer Martin Miller joined forces with German producer and vocalist to release their track titled “Are You Down”. Launched on September 15, 2023, the song has since garnered attention for its unique blend of Progressive and Dance genres.

The music world recently witnessed a remarkable collaboration between two talented artists. Hungarian producer Martin Miller and German producer and vocalist TAKEOFFANDFLY came together to create a track that seamlessly blends the Progressive House and Dance Pop genres. Titled “Are You Down”, the song showcases TAKEOFFANDFLY's distinctive vocals, which add depth and emotion to the track.

“This song is a celebration of seizing opportunities and stepping out of one's comfort zone. I poured my heart into the vocals, hoping to inspire listeners to take that leap of faith they've always dreamed of.”


Under the label Arcade World Records, “Are You Down” has gained notable attention in the music industry. The song's impactful message, paired with its compelling rhythms, distinguishes it in the contemporary music scene.

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