Salimo performing "Jelly" on stage

Montreal Rapper Salimo Introduces New Arabic Pop Hit “Jelly”

Montreal, Canada – Emerging Montreal-based artist Salimo is making significant waves in the music scene with his latest release, “Jelly.” This track showcases his prowess in the Arabic genre, infusing it with an exciting fusion of Arabic, Afro, Pop, and Rap influences.

Crafted by Salimo, with composition by Benny Adam, “Jelly” is the latest banger in his musical repertoire. Released on the 7th of September, this track is poised to leave a lasting impact in the world of music.

In “Jelly,” Salimo offers a one-of-a-kind musical journey, skillfully blending various genres to create a rich, boundary-defying sound. Accompanying the song is a visually banging music video that highlights the picturesque landscapes of Montreal, his hometown. The video, filmed with continuous sequences, promises an immersive viewing experience from start to finish.

Salimo's message in “Jelly” transcends mere entertainment; it encourages listeners to rise above negativity and embrace new beginnings. His lyrics resonate on a profound level, making his music not only engaging but also thought-provoking.

As Salimo continues to solidify his position as a dynamic artist, his unwavering commitment to his craft shines through. His ambition and dedication are palpable in every note and verse, propelling him toward stardom in the music industry.

Fans and music aficionados can enjoy “Jelly” on various platforms and immerse themselves in the magic of Salimo's music. This track signifies a significant milestone for the artist, firmly establishing his presence in the realm of Arabic Pop.

For the latest updates and to connect with Salimo, visit his official Instagram. Stay tuned for forthcoming releases from this exceptionally talented Montreal rapper, and be prepared to be amazed by his enthralling music and download a copy of “Jelly”.

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