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The Second I Releases ‘Euphoric Horizon’: A Fresh Take on Progressive Techno Music

In a burst of melodic exuberance, The Second I released their latest single, “Euphoric Horizon,” on October 20, 2023. The duo, consisting of Sarah and Angelo, delve into the realm of progressive Techno Music, delivering an ear-catching blend of swinging melodies and high-octane energy.

The Second I isn’t just any musical act. Behind the DJ table, Sarah and Angelo share an exceptional chemistry. Angelo brings years of stage experience as a drummer, infusing their tracks with nuanced rhythms and beats. Sarah, with her innate sense for melody, adds a layer that sets their music apart. Together, they craft tunes packed with detail, breaks, and dynamic build-ups. The audio quality? As clear as a summer sky.

The track has already started resonating with a global audience. According to Spotify statistics, the duo boasts 1,371 followers and 945 monthly listeners. Cities like Santiago, Mexico City, Bengaluru, Buenos Aires, and Istanbul are tuning in, captivated by the duo’s fresh approach to techno—perfectly summarized by their motto: #technobutdfrnt.

For a unique auditory experience, don’t miss out on “Euphoric Horizon.” Download the track now and make sure to follow The Second I on social media for their latest updates.

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