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Belash’s ‘Fantasy’: The Pop Song That Will Have You Living Your Best Life

Tel Aviv-based singer and performer, Belash, has just released his latest pop song, “Fantasy,” produced by Roey Bitan. The song, which was released on April 13, 2023, has already received over 112,698 views on YouTube and has garnered great comments from its audience.

Belash, who has performed on major stages such as the Eurovision, Tel Aviv’s Pride, and Fashion Week, is known for his inspiring and energetic music that promotes making dreams come true, the love for fashion, and the desire to be seen and loved as the most authentic version of oneself.

The music video for “Fantasy” was shot at the debut performance of the song, which was the closing act for FIX’s fashion show at Tel Aviv Fashion Week 2023. The video was directed and edited by Camelcopter (Yair Mazar & Sagiv Avramov) & Shahaf Belash.

The song’s lyrics are inspiring, and the melody is both catchy and interesting, making it memorable and enjoyable for listeners. Belash’s vocals are warm and soulful, adding depth and emotion to the song. The instrumental accompaniments are engaging and imaginative, with a rich and rhythmic feel that complements the overall song structure.

Belash’s target audience for “Fantasy” is young fashion lovers between the ages of 15 and 25. The song’s lyrics encourage listeners to live their lives to the fullest and be the most authentic version of themselves. The song has been well-received by Belash’s audience, with comments such as “Superstar!!! I love it” and “Amazing” flooding in.

Belash’s previous song, “Walkin’ In,” has over 16,954 streams on Spotify, but “Fantasy” is his biggest success so far. Although there are no upcoming projects or events related to the song, “Fantasy” is expected to continue to gain popularity among Belash’s fanbase and beyond.

Listeners can stream “Fantasy” on YouTube or Spotify, and it can be purchased on iTunes. Belash’s talent and dedication are clear through his performances, and “Fantasy” is an excellent example of his work.

Belash – Fantasy

Belash’s music has been played on MTV and has appeared on multiple TV and radio shows, demonstrating his growing popularity in the music industry. “Fantasy” showcases Belash’s talent as a professional artist and his dedication to creating music that inspires his audience to be their best selves.

The Lions Ground Entertainment Group praised “Fantasy,” stating that the lyrics are original and easily digestible, making the song appealing to a wide range of audiences. They also complimented the instrumental accompaniments, calling them engaging and imaginative, with a rich and rhythmic feel that complements the overall song structure.

Belash’s lyrics from “Fantasy” that read, “I get that rush when you let me be, be me.. Living to be free, tryna live the fantasy” emphasize the song’s message of promoting authenticity and living life to the fullest.

Overall, “Fantasy” by Belash is an inspiring and energetic pop song that encourages listeners to be their most authentic selves. The song has gained significant attention on YouTube and has received great feedback from its audience. Belash’s career continues to gain momentum, and his music is expected to inspire and motivate listeners for years to come.

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