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Metalcore vibe meets raw truth in Geister Deck’s “Your Silence”

We just got the lowdown on a track that’s seriously bussin’, no cap. We’re talking ’bout Geister Deck‘s latest, “Your Silence.” It’s like a sonic boom to your eardrums, fam.

So, Geister Deck? They’re this metal squad with roots digging deep into German ground. They’ve been dropping tracks with the kind of oomph that makes your hair stand up.

Their vibe? It’s all about kicking the norm to the curb and giving us a dose of that raw, in-your-face rebellion. This new jam, “Your Silence,” is lit with melodic metal that’s got a grip on the “holier than thou” peeps.

Now, let’s break it down:

Vocals – think strong, steady, and straight-up fiery. Andreas Onhaus isn’t just singing; dude’s telling a story with every note.

The beat? Pascal Wieck’s got it on lock. He’s like the one-man band of our dreams, ya feel?

And those words that hit you right in the feels? That’s all Veronica Furman, spitting truth about our wild world and the peeps in it.

“Your Silence” ain’t just a track; it’s a whole mood. Picture this: a glowing rose on the cover, darkness all around. That’s the level of deep we’re swimming in here.

This tune’s got the zest, the spark, and yeah, the savage punch of true metal. It’s all the talk, from the streets to the tweets, and it’s hitting the charts like a lightning strike.

So, if you wanna ride this wave with Geister Deck, don’t sleep on “Your Silence.” Hit up their site, grab your headphones, and get ready for a trip to Rock City, courtesy of the CEO of Chills, Geister Deck.

Download wallpaper here.

And if you’re all about keeping your playlist fresh, you gotta slide this track right to the top. Trust, it’s the kind of banger that’ll have you hitting replay all day.

That’s the word, squad. Keep it real and keep it loud!

Remember, don’t just take our word for it, scope out their sound at Geister Deck.

Oh … they also drop the slamming banger CIRCUS!

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