Camiel Daamen’s Latest EP ‘A Life To Lead’ Hits Nr 2 on Beatport Deephouse Chart

Camiel Daamen, the renowned Ableton Certified Trainer and artist, has left an indelible mark on the scene with his latest EP, ‘A Life To Lead.' Released on August 4, 2023, this musical masterpiece has surged to the second position on Beatport's Deephouse Chart, an impressive testament to Daamen's talent and the EP's compelling sound.

Released on August 4, 2023, ‘A Life To Lead' marks Daamen's return to the slower BPM range, reminiscent of his sound from a decade ago. The EP has resonated with both beachside and club audiences, reflecting Daamen's versatility as an artist.

The EP's success on Beatport is a testament to its appeal within the Deephouse genre. It has reached the second position on the Deephouse Chart and an impressive sixth position on the mainpage's top 100 releases. Additionally, ‘Ready for Love' continues to maintain a strong presence, currently sitting at number 40 in the Hype Deephouse top 100.

Camiel Daamen expressed his enthusiasm for the EP's reception, saying, “I am super excited about this track! The whole EP reached nr 6 on the Beatport top 100 releases mainpage which is amazing for my small label. Also, it wasn't featured by Beatport and it got there all by itself. So I really believe in this song.”

Daamen's passion for music and dedication to his craft are evident in the EP's composition, which has resonated with both fans and industry professionals. Notably, the EP received five-star ratings in the promo by Roger Sanchez and Huxley. Funk D Void even tipped it as a future classic, emphasizing its potential to become a long-standing favorite within the genre.

This achievement is a testament to Camiel Daamen's artistic prowess and the enduring appeal of Deephouse music. As the EP continues to captivate audiences worldwide, it reinforces the artist's position as a respected figure in the electronic music scene.

Camiel Daamen's ‘A Life To Lead' EP is available for purchase on Beatport and various online stores, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in its soulful melodies and groovy beats.

The EP's presence on Spotify further underscores its popularity, with over 2,555 monthly listeners tuning in from diverse corners of the globe. Daamen's music is resonating with audiences in Luanda, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Berlin, and Mexico City, affirming its global reach.

Experience the Deephouse magic of Camiel Daamen's ‘A Life To Lead' EP – download it now on Beatport and dive into the groove!