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Dacris Reinvents ’90s Hit with Deep House Magic!

Greek artist Dacris, hailing from Stuttgart, Germany, recently shared his latest Deep track “Would I Lie To You” with . Dacris discovered the healing power of music and began composing and producing his own songs.

With over two years of experience and more than 59 tracks released on his Soundcloud page, Dacris has collaborated with artists such as Menuette, DDCSTYLE, Anaid, Jamiladiva, Diastrid, and Ian J. His debut album, “PIECES,” charted at #132 on the German iTunes charts.

“Would I Lie To You” is a captivating remake of the 90s hit by Charles & Eddie. The melody is catchy and tuneful, immediately grabbing the listener's attention. The vocal samples used in the track are distinctive, powerful, expressive, and heartfelt, adding emotional depth to the song. The lyrics are original and thought-provoking, giving listeners something to ponder while enjoying the music. The instrumental accompaniments are creative and original, complementing the overall composition beautifully.

Dacris's ability to bounce back and learn from his past experiences has allowed him to push the envelope with his music, resulting in tracks like “Would I Lie To You.” This song is just one of 11 classic tracks that Dacris has reimagined for his forthcoming remixes album.

The Lions Ground Entertainment Group is committed to promoting Dacris's music, believing it will resonate with lovers and beyond. With his passion for creating music that touches the soul, Dacris is a unique and talented artist who is sure to leave a lasting impact on the music scene.

Dacris's resilience and passion for music have led him to create a diverse range of tracks, including the songs “$2,000,000 Baby” and “Broken Heart.” Drawing inspiration from mainstream pop music and the sounds of the 90s, Dacris is particularly moved by sad songs and the emotions they convey. Using these feelings as fuel for his own writing and composing, he aims to share his stories and thoughts through his music, connecting with listeners and offering them strength and hope.

As Dacris continues to develop his musical career, he encourages people to believe in good karma and to keep moving forward, learning from the past and living in a wiser way. With each new track, Dacris demonstrates his unique talent and his ability to create music that truly resonates with his audience.

Dacris – Would I Lie To You

While the extent of Dacris's future collaborations and upcoming performances is unknown, his dedication to his craft is evident in the quality of his work. As he continues to release new tracks, his fan base is expected to grow, and his music will undoubtedly reach an even wider audience.

Keep an eye out for Dacris's forthcoming remixes album, which promises to showcase his skill in reimagining classic tracks with his distinctive style. For now, listeners can enjoy “Would I Lie To You” and the wealth of other tracks available on his Spotify page.

To stay updated on Dacris's latest releases and news by bringing a visit to his official website.