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“Nightfall” by Debono brings that Disco oomph!

Hey cool cats at school! Get ready for a sick beat drop with Debono’s new banger, “Nightfall“. It’s a Disco Pop track that’ll have you vibing from start to finish. Boom! We’re talking about a brother-sister duo, bringing oomph with tunes that are lit AF.

Imagine Dragons and Bigflo et Oli better watch out; these two got that GOAT energy mixed with funky vibes that’ll make your sneakers shuffle. This ain’t your basic beat, fam. “Nightfall” is like the squad’s anthem, making every jam sesh a slam dunk.

The single’s part of the “Midday Demons” EP, and it’s bussin’ with house beats and funk that’ll get your head nodding. Deadass, the vibe’s so fire, it’s like they’re the CEOs of Disco Pop. No cap!

Their Spotify’s popping with listeners from Paris to São Paulo. And peep their YouTube; their vids are a mood, especially that “Tiny Studio Live Session“.

Bet you’re gonna love the cover art too, with its dark shades and neon strokes. It’s like the glow-up of the year, and totally snatched!

And hey, if you’re down with discovering new slammers that push the envelope, this one’s for you. Period. Check out “Nightfall” and get your groove on. No FOMO here, just all the hype tracks for your playlist.

Remember, when the bell rings, and it’s time to bounce, plug in and let Debono’sNightfall” turn your walk home into a dance floor. YOLO, right? So, don’t sleep on this—get that drip, and let’s bounce to the beat! 🔥🎶

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