Derby-Based Metal Band ‘The Cartographer’ Releases Emotion-Fueled Track: ‘Deathbed’

Derby-based band The Cartographer, formed in 2013, has consistently channeled their combined passion for music into a captivating embodiment of modern heavy sound. Their newest track, “Deathbed,” showcases a plethora of emotions derived from personal life experiences, struggles, traumas, and the profound ability to remind every listener that they're not alone in their battles.

The Cartographer has graced numerous stages, from performing at UK Tech- Fest and Macmillan Fest to supporting acclaimed bands like Loathe, Skies in Motion, and King 810. With a wealth of experience under their belt, the band has crafted a collection of spine-shaking songs that resonate with authenticity.

Their recent co-headline tour alongside Glass Grave garnered attention, and their appearance at the renowned City adds to their impressive track record. The release of “Deathbed” is just a taste of what The Cartographer has in store, hinting at an even more promising musical evolution.

As The Cartographer's reputation continues to grow, they remain a standout act in the Derby music scene. Their sharp and groove-ridden guitar work, coupled with scathing vocals, sets them apart as a unique musical force. With material spanning from their 2017 release “Human Error” to the newly unveiled track “Hyde,” their creative trajectory is upward and forward.

In their pursuit of broader recognition, The Cartographer emphasized the significance of “Deathbed” as it concludes their EP ‘The Cold Black.' The band is actively seeking increased media coverage and the attention of playlist curators to amplify the single's impact. The commitment they show to their craft and their fans echoes through every note they produce, solidifying their place as an authentic and impactful presence in the modern music landscape.

Download their entire EP The Cold Black on iTunes.