Dirty Mitts band members performing their new single "Ride the Storm"

“Ride the Storm” is Dirty Mitts’ new hit shaking up the rock scene.

In a striking blend of bluesy riffs and vintage vibes, the eclectic band Dirty Mitts has unleashed their latest single, “Ride the Storm,” onto the airwaves. Released on November 3, 2023, this track heralds from their much-anticipated EP “Hands Off!” “which hit the rock scene on November 10th. Comprising the diverse talents of Tommy, Matt, Mo, and Mateusz, Dirty Mitts is a fusion of UK, Polish, and Egyptian rock prowess, delivering a sound that's as globally resonant as their origins.

“Ride the Storm” showcases the band's commitment to pure rock ‘n' roll, featuring Tommy Balaam's distinct, powerful vocals. The track has quickly gained popularity for its fresh tunes and engaging words. Following their formation in 2022, Dirty Mitts has rapidly climbed the ranks, with their live performances and tracks like “You Better Run!” and “Women” earning them a dedicated following and significant airplay across global radio stations.

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