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Distance by Off Grid: A Single to Remember

Israeli-based rock band Off Grid has just dropped their latest single “Distance” today, October 29, 2023. This slamming rock track serves as a teaser for their highly anticipated album, “The Reign of the Architect,” set to release this coming December. Steeped in rock tradition, “Distance” showcases Off Grid’s flair for blending foundational elements of the genre with their distinct musical voice.

Comprising talented musicians such as drummer Nadav Dotan, bassist Netanel Landau, guitarist Alon “Tewl” Tamir, and keyboardist Itay Keren, Off Grid has set the bar high. Lead singer May Shemtov’s ethereal vocals soar effortlessly above intricate guitar work and a strong rhythm section, creating a harmonious blend of power and vulnerability. As LA on Lock music reviewer Kreadiv Kesh aptly put it, “They remind me of when music was music… A masterpiece of Simplicity.”

“Distance” presents the band’s more progressive side, paying homage to genre giants like Rush, Yes, Genesis, King Crimson, and Marillion. Expect soaring vocals, shredding guitars, funky bass lines, flashy drum patterns, and luscious layers of synths—all dressed up in modern fashion.

With 1,065 monthly listeners and a growing global audience, including fans in Tel Aviv, Poplar, Frankfurt, Santiago, and Los Angeles, Off Grid is a band to watch. Make sure to follow them on social media and download “Distance” today.

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