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House music and jazz come together in DJ Piscine’s new track ‘Kitty Cat Swing,’ breaking the rules of music styles

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In the always-changing world of house music, DJ Piscine comes out with an exciting mix in his new song, “Kitty Cat Swing.” He got the idea for this track after a fun weekend in Paris. The song combines strong house music beats with smooth jazz rhythms, making it really interesting and enjoyable.

“Kitty Cat Swing” is a song made by DJ Piscine, also known as Maximilian De Vos, from Brussels. In this song, he combines different types of music, like swing music and bass from a big guitar, with some exciting electronic sounds. The result is a unique and familiar sound that feels both new and nostalgic. Listening to it is like taking a trip through the music of Paris, with the energy of dance clubs and the cozy atmosphere of jazz bars.

Created by Antoine Delmotte, the video that goes along with the song has colorful and strange animations of cats. The part of the song where they sing “Cat, I’m a kitty cat!” is easy to remember and fun. The music in “Kitty Cat Swing” has a strong beat that makes you want to dance, but it’s not too loud, and it has a jazzy feel to it, like you’re in a cool club.

Influenced by musicians like Axel Boman and leaders of the new French house music like Saudade and Sweely, DJ Piscine’s song is different from the many electronic music tracks out there. People are already dancing to it and loving it because it has a classic sound and a catchy beat.

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Maximilian De Vos, known as DJ Piscine, is always coming up with new ideas. He helped start a group of DJs called “echte ra” and is the main person behind The Haze. He really loves music. His newest music makes you want to dance and have fun.

“Take a plunge because the groove is in the water,” suggests Maximilian De Vos, hinting at the exciting experience you can have with “Kitty Cat Swing” offers.

As DJ Piscine keeps pushing the limits and mixing different types of music, “Kitty Cat Swing” shows how talented he is at being creative. You can follow DJ Piscine on social media to know what he’s up to with his music. And don’t miss out on “Kitty Cat Swing” – it’s a song that’ll probably be on a lot of people’s playlists and played at parties.

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