Doctor, Doctor performing 'Sequoia Requiem'

Climate Change Meets Progressive Rock: The Urgent Message of Doctor, Doctor’s Latest Track

Oakland, California's hard power trio, Doctor, Doctor, has marked their territory in the music scene with the release of their urgent and shreddy second track, “Sequoia Requiem,” from their latest EP, “Second Opinion.” Launched on November 3, 2023, this song, infused with elements of progressive rock, art rock, and a touch of and EDM, delves into the pressing theme of climate change and its devastating impact on the Sierra Nevada ecosystems. The band, known for their dynamic sound that draws inspiration from groups like Muse, Tool, and Coheed and Cambria, brings a fresh perspective to the rock genre, stirring the curiosity of listeners who crave both musical innovation and environmental consciousness.

“Sequoia Requiem” is a standout track in Doctor, Doctor's repertoire, showcasing their ability to blend powerful guitar riffs with thought-provoking lyrics. The band, consisting of Alex Smoligovets and Adrian Morrison, who started jamming together during the pandemic, and later joined by Karl Pfeifer on drums, has rapidly evolved since their first original EP, “Panacea,” released in 2021. Their music reflects a journey through varied musical landscapes, echoing the influences of their rock predecessors while injecting a modern twist that resonates with today's audience.

In their own words, Doctor, Doctor describes their latest creation: “We're a hard rock trio from Oakland, California who just released our latest EP on Nov 3, and we'd love to get some media coverage, playlist adds, and/or radio plays for it. This song is the shreddy, urgent second track about the tragedy of climate change as exemplified by deteriorating Sierra Nevada ecosystems. We think fans of Coheed and Cambria, Protest the Hero, and other modern prog rock will love it.”

With 122 followers and a growing monthly listener base on Spotify, primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area, Doctor, Doctor is poised for a broader reach. Their music speaks not only to the fans of progressive rock but also to those who connect with the poignant message of their lyrics. As they continue to make waves in the music scene, this band is certainly one to watch and listen to.

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